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xFilo's Game-Changing Document Management Automation: Powered by Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK



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Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK


Browser-based Document Scanning

Key Requirements

  • Document Scanning


xFilo is a South African company which aims to create paperless retail in Southern Africa.


xFilo aimed to create a cutting-edge application that caters to the needs of a retail partner by streamlining and automating their administrative processes.

This comprises logging any retail events on the system, modifying event statuses, attaching physical documents and other information, and concluding the event. The goal was to ensure that administrative tasks were correctly and precisely recorded with physical document proof while also making it easy for the staff members to execute them.

Choosing the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK allowed the application to offer the necessary stability imperative for retail staff to upload physical copies of documents into the application effectively. The compatibility of a wide range of scanners further helped reduce the adoption threshold for the web-based solution.

The SDK's seamless integration and effortless user experience were other critical factors in its selection for application development.

Challenges Faced

Efficient management of administrative tasks ensures smooth operations and data-driven decision-making for a retailer's success. Hence, xFilo aimed to develop a data administration application that guarantees the accurate and proper documentation of administrative tasks while simultaneously ensuring that the staff can complete them with ease.

During the development process, the xFilo team struggled with integrating old systems. Certain old systems imposed limitations that hindered reconciling with the modern network infrastructure. Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK's interoperability with a wide range of scanners, operation systems, and frameworks lowered the adoption hurdle. Choosing Dynamsoft also enabled the application to provide the required stability for retail staff to upload physical copies of documents into the application efficiently.


The xFilo team sought an effective document scanning software development kit (SDK) to execute the project and overcome any challenges. Our document scanner SDK, Dynamic Web TWAIN, was discovered by the team on StackOverflow, a highly reputable online community for developers.

They remarked that it had the best feedback not only on StackOverflow but on other developer sites as well. The SDK was also mentioned as very simple to integrate. The Dynamic Web TWAIN’s 30 day free trial version's ease of use and effortless integration made it a simple decision to select Dynamsoft.

Typical Steps Involved in Using the Application

From start to finish, the following steps are involved while using the application:


Create a digital entry of a specific retail event.


Upload a hard copy of the retail transaction.


Log additional information on entry.


Set progress of the digital entry.


Assign or share the digital entry with other users.

Benefits Realized

The application design process involved personnel from three departments: solutions architect (AWS), retail systems partner, and design engineer. Choosing Dynamsoft helped the xFilo team overcome the challenges faced earlier and provided the following benefits:

Quick Solution Scoping

Quick solution scoping was the first benefit. It aided in determining the real limitations of the system. Scoping around these constraints from the beginning allowed for accurate planning, time management, and budgeting. Dynamsoft provides online demos, downloadable sample codes, detailed developer’s guides, and multi-channel support to help quickly complete the scoping and proof of concept stage.

Effortless Demonstration

Effortless demonstration of the capability through demo apps also helped the xFilo team understand the features of the SDK to all stakeholders involved, ensuring better adoption and reduced time to market.

Quick Deployment

Dynamsoft’s technical specialists offered tailored assistance and proactive support to enable a seamless transition to the production environment.

Ease of use for Non-technical Users

Lastly, the ease of use for non-technical users contributed to the smooth development and adoption of the application.

With support from the Dynamsoft team, xFilo was able to develop the data administration application in four months.

About Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN is an enterprise-grade reliable browser-based document scanning SDK. It has been tailored to cater to the needs of web-based applications, and the company additionally provides a software development kit for desktop applications. By utilizing a few lines of JavaScript code, developers can seamlessly integrate document scanning capability into a web application accessible through any standard web browser. The SDK also supports image manipulation functions such as rotate, crop, mirror, contrast, and brightness. Users can export or upload various popular file formats and use common transfer protocols to save captures to local or network repositories.

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