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1.1 (01/12/2024)


  • Optimized compatibility with browsers. » Detail


  • Added the namespace Dynamsoft.DDV.Core.

  • Added the property license to specify the license string.

  • Added the property engineResourcePath to specify the path leading to a folder containing the distributed WASM files.

  • Added the property deviceFriendlyName to specify a human-readable name for the device which corresponds to its UUID.

  • Added the method loadWasm() to load WASM modules before initializing.

  • Added the method init() to initialize DDV.

  • Added the method insertBlankPage() to insert a blank page to the document.


The following API is removed.

API Name Notes
Dynamsoft.DDV.setConfig() Use Dynamsoft.DDV.Core.license, Dynamsoft.DDV.Core.engineResource, Dynamsoft.DDV.Core.deviceFriendlyName, Dynamsoft.DDV.Core.init() instead.

1.0.0 (12/26/2023)

Dynamsoft Document Viewer (DDV) is a versatile SDK designed to offer a range of viewers for configuring and executing various document processing workflows.


Efficient Data Management

Organize, retrieve, and manage documents and pages efficiently:

  • Document Management: Document creation/deletion/merging, etc.
  • Page management: Pages in documents loading/saving/deleting/moving, etc.

Various Viewers

Various kinds of viewers implement different document processing flows:

  • Edit Viewer: Edit the pages in document, such as, rotating, cropping, filtering, etc. and adjust the layout of the display.
  • Capture Viewer: Control camera, play video stream, and capture the images from camera.
  • Perspective Viewer: Do page boundaries manual adjustment & perspective transformation.
  • Browse Viewer: Display pages in multiple-mode, pages can be multiple selected.
  • Custom Viewer: No built-in UI or functionality, which is used for creating your own viewer.

Flexible Customization

Besides using the default user interface and viewer directly, developers can easily and flexibly customize them:

Advanced Features

DDV provides methods to access document boundaries detection and image filter algorithms.

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