Dynamsoft Panorama Release Notes

2.0 (05/11/2021)


  • Added support for images captured from different distances in panorama mode.

  • Added a new parameter IfAllowImgSegmentation to control the process when images can not be stitched in panorama mode.

  • Added a new parameter PreviewImgCoverage to control which part of stitched image will be returned as the preview image in panorama mode.

  • Added support for stitchingAccuracyLevel=8 to improved the accuracy in overlap mode


  • Improved the memory usage to reduce the stitching failure caused by insufficient memory.

  • Improved the algorithm to reduce the stitching dislocation for scenario with lots of horizontal and vertical lines.


  • Small fixes and tweaks

Imcompatible Changes

  • Stitched image is now returned by calling GetCompleteResultImage, it is no longer returned by PanoramaResult.

  • Calling method AppendNewFrameByBuffer or AppendNewFrameByFile now needs a second parameter.

1.0.1 (03/10/2020)


  • Bug fixes and improvements in the samples and documentation.

1.0 (02/25/2020)


  • Dynamsoft Panorama™ is an advanced add-on module of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, which enables developers to integrate barcode scanning and image stitching features to their application. It not only displays a panoramic view of the surrounding barcodes, but also quickly and accurately decodes these barcodes and provides additional barcode information in real-time.

    •  Supports Windows x64
    •  Provides C, C++ and .NET APIs
    •  Added two modes for image acquisition
       1. Video stream
       2. Image file
    •  Returned results include barcode information (barcode format, barcode text, confidence, barcode coordinates), the stitched Panorama image, etc.