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Dynamsoft Free ISBN Lookup Tool

Dynamsoft ISBN barcode lookup tool provides fast access to book information and is free to use! Find critical information about a product with ISBN by simply typing the code into the search field.

Our extensive database houses a substantial collection of ISBN codes, continually expanding with new additions to ensure that retrieving the required information is seamless and uncomplicated.

If you are a retailer, wholesaler, or even a consumer looking for book information, this tool is perfect because it is accurate and free.

What is ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique barcode that is used for identifying books and related materials. The ISBN code contains ten to thirteen digits that contain critical information, such as the country or language group, title, edition, publisher name, and one check digit for error detection. These barcodes are used in publishing, bookselling, libraries, sales, and academics for efficient cataloging, accurate identification, inventory management, and enhanced accessibility.

Look up any ISBN instantly to find details like the book's title, author, and publisher, with this free online tool!

A Free Barcode Lookup Tool that's Highly Accurate!

Just enter the ISBN into our free barcode lookup tool to get the full details on that item, including the manufacturer and image.

This barcode scanner is highly accurate since it draws its data from a massive repository that is regularly updated. Rarely, the database might not have the barcode number stored, or the information retrieved might need to be corrected or updated.

Scan Barcodes on the Go with Smartphones

Scan ISBN barcodes on the go with our free barcode lookup tool. Driven by the innovative Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, you can use your smartphone's camera to scan the item's ISBN, and the relevant information is instantly retrieved!

Note: Although this barcode lookup tool excels at quickly providing basic information such as the product's name, brand, and image, it does not include pricing information retrieval. However, you can use this information to speed up your search for pricing information on other websites.

Customer Stories

Rediv leverages Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to build a solution to buy/sell used books.

Rediv launched a mobile application for users to scan the barcodes (ISBN 13) of used books and get the repurchase price of the books. Users then send the books to Rediv and get a gift card of the partner retailer with the total amount of every book Rediv buys. The company required a user-friendly barcode scanner solution but didn’t want to develop the feature from scratch. They tried several SDKs for barcode scanners but ultimately settled with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.

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