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How to Upgrade

From version 9.x or earlier to version 10.x

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK has been refactored to integrate with DynamsoftCaptureVision (DCV) architecture. To upgrade from version 9.x or earlier to 10.x, we recommend you to follow the User Guide and re-write your codes.

Update the Included Headers, libs & DLLs

Since the SDK architecture is changed, you have to change you code for including the headers, libs and DLLs. You can use the following code to replace your previous code.

#include "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Include/DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouter.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace dynamsoft::license;
using namespace dynamsoft::cvr;
using namespace dynamsoft::dbr;
using namespace dynamsoft::utility;

#if defined(_WIN64) || defined(_WIN32)
    #ifdef _WIN64
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x64/DynamsoftCorex64.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x64/DynamsoftLicensex64.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x64/DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouterx64.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x64/DynamsoftUtilityx64.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x86/DynamsoftCorex86.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x86/DynamsoftLicensex86.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x86/DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouterx86.lib")
        #pragma comment(lib, "[INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/x86/DynamsoftUtilityx86.lib")


  • Copy [INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/DBR-PresetTemplates.json to the same folder as the executable program.
  • Copy the libraries to the same folder as the executable program.
    • For Windows: Copy ALL *.dll files under [INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Windows/[platform]. Replace [platform] with your project’s platform setting.

    • For Linux: Copy ALL *.so files under [INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Distributables/Lib/Linux/[platform]. Replace [platform] with your project’s platform setting.

Update the License Activation Code

Starting from 10.0, we have unified the API for setting licenses across different Dynamsoft products.

Old APIs New APIs
CBarcodeReader.InitLicense CLicenseManager.InitLicense

Update Single Image Decoding APIs

The APIs for decoding single image has been adjusted as follows:

Old APIs New APIs
CBarcodeReader.DecodeFile CCaptureVisionRouter.Capture(const char* filePath, const char* templateName)
CBarcodeReader.DecodeFileInMemory CCaptureVisionRouter.Capture(const unsigned char *fileBytes, int fileSize, const char* templateName)
CBarcodeReader.DecodeBuffer CCaptureVisionRouter.Capture(const CImageData* pImageData, const char* templateName)
struct TextResult class CBarcodeResultItem
struct TextResultArray class CCapturedResult
CBarcodeReader.DecodeBase64String Currently not available.
CBarcodeReader.DecodeDIB Currently not available.

Update Video Streaming Decoding Code

CImageSourceAdapter is added to replace the FrameDecodeingParameters and the previous video methods. You should implement CImageSourceAdapter to transfer image data from camera or video file to buffer. The following code snippet demonstrate basic usage of decoding video frames:

class MyVideoSource : public CProactiveImageSourceAdapter 
    // You should implement the `HasNextImageToFetch` method to indicate if there is a next frame
    bool HasNextImageToFetch() const override 
        return true;

    // You should implement the `FetchImage` method to get the next frame
    CImageData* FetchImage() override
        // Add code to get the video frame from camera or video file

class MyBarcodeResultReceiver: public CCapturedResultReceiver
    virtual void OnDecodedBarcodesReceived(DecodedBarcodesResult * result) {
        // Add code to process the result

int main()
    CCaptureVisionRouter *cvr = new CCaptureVisionRouter;

    // Create your video source and bind it to the router
    MyVideoSource *source = new MyVideoSource;

    // Create a CCapturedResultReceiver instance 
    MyBarcodeResultReceiver *barcodesReceiver = new MyCapturedResultReceiver;

    // Start capturing
    errorCode = cvr->StartCapturing(CPresetTemplate::PT_READ_BARCODES, true, errorMsg, 512);

    delete barcodesReceiver;
    delete source;
    delete cvr;

Migrate Your Templates

The template system is upgraded. The template you used for the previous version can’t be directly recognized by the new version. Please download the TemplateConverter tool or contact us to upgrade your template.

The template-based APIs have been updated as follows:

Old APIs New APIs
CBarcodeReader.InitRuntimeSettingsWithFile CCaptureVisionRouter.InitSettingsFromFile
CBarcodeReader.InitRuntimeSettingsWithString CCaptureVisionRouter.InitSettings
CBarcodeReader.OutputSettingsToFile CCaptureVisionRouter.OutputSettingsToFile
CBarcodeReader.OutputSettingsToString CCaptureVisionRouter.OutputSettings
CBarcodeReader.ResetRuntimeSettings CCaptureVisionRouter.ResetSettings
CBarcodeReader.AppendTplFileToRuntimeSettings Not available.
CBarcodeReader.AppendTplStringToRuntimeSettings Not available.

Migrate Your PublicRuntimeSettings

The struct PublicRuntimeSettings has been refactored. It retains commonly used properties while removing the previously complex property settings, which are now exclusively supported through templates.

The APIs for accessing and updating PublicRuntimeSettings has been adjusted as follows:

Old APIs New APIs
CBarcodeReader.GetRuntimeSettings CCaptureVisionRouter.GetSimplifiedSettings
CBarcodeReader.UpdateRuntimeSettings CCaptureVisionRouter.UpdateSettings

Migrate to SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings

The following properties are replaced by similar properties under SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings. They can also be set via a template file(String).

PublicRuntimeSettings Property SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings Parameter Template File Parameter
region roi & roiMeasuredInPercentage TargetROIDef.Location.Offset
timeout timeout CaptureVisionTemplates.Timeout

Migrate to SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings

The following properties are replaced by similar properties under SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings. The majority of them can also be set via a template file(String).

PublicRuntimeSettings Property SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings Property Template File Parameter
minBarcodeTextLength minBarcodeTextLength BarcodeFormatSpecification.BarcodeTextLengthRangeArray
minResultConfidence minResultConfidence BarcodeFormatSpecification.MinResultConfidence
localizationModes localizationModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.LocationModes
expectedBarcodesCount expectedBarcodesCount BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.ExpectedBarcodesCount
barcodeFormatIds barcodeFormatIds BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.BarcodeFormatIds
barcodeFormatIds_2 barcodeFormatIds BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.BarcodeFormatIds
deblurModes deblurModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.DeblurModes
deblurLevel deblurModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.DeblurModes
maxAlgorithmThreadCount maxThreadsInOneTask BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.MaxThreadsInOneTask


  • The 2 groups of barcode formats are merged.
  • DeblurLevel is deprecated. You can use DeblurModes instead.
FurtherModes Property SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings Property Template File Parameter
grayscaleTransformationModes grayscaleTransformationModes ImageParameter.GrayscaleTransformationModes
imagePreprocessingModes grayscaleEnhancementModes ImageParameter.GrayscaleEnhancementModes

Remarks: The mode IPM_MORPHOLOGY of imagePreprocessingModes is migrated to BinarizationModes. The mode arguments MorphOperation, MorphOperationKernelSizeX, MorphOperationKernelSizeY, MorphShape are now available for all modes of BinarizationModes.

Migrate to Template File

The following properties can only be set via a template file. Please contact us so that we can help you to transform your current settings to a new template file.

PublicRuntimeSettings Property Template File Parameter
scaleDownThreshold ImageParameter.ScaleDownThreshold
binarizationModes ImageParameter.BinarizationModes
textResultOrderModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.TextResultOrderModes
returnBarcodeZoneClarity BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.ReturnBarcodeZoneClarity
scaleUpModes ImageParameter.ScaleUpModes
barcodeZoneMinDistanceToImageBorders BarcodeFormatSpecification.BarcodeZoneMinDistanceToImageBorders
terminatePhase BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.TerminateSettings
FurtherModes Property Template File Parameter
colourConversionModes ImageParameter.ColourConversionModes
regionPredetectionModes ImageParameter.RegionPredetectionModes
textureDetectionModes ImageParameter.TextureDetectionModes
textFilterModes ImageParameter.TextDetectionMode & ImageParameter.IfEraseTextZone
dpmCodeReadingModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.DPMCodeReadingModes
deformationResistingModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.DeformationResistingModes
barcodeComplementModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.BarcodeComplementModes
barcodeColourModes BarcodeReaderTaskSetting.BarcodeColourModes

Migrate to Other APIs

The PDF properties of PublicRuntimeSettings are moved to set via the setPDFReadingParameter method of CDirectoryFetcher and CFileFetcher with a CPDFReadingParameter parameter.

PublicRuntimeSettings Property

The Intermediate Result system is redesigned and the following properties are deprecated.

PublicRuntimeSettings Property


The following properties are removed.

PublicRuntimeSettings Property
FurtherModes Property

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