[Case Study] German Red Cross Automates PDF Renaming with Barcodes using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Last Updated on 2019-08-07

German Red Cross

We wrote the barcode tool in C++ and used examples provided by the Dynamsoft team, which were very helpful. As a result, we now have a high-quality SDK integrated in our application to easily scan barcodes. We’re very happy with the SDK and help received from Dynamsoft.” – Martin Held, German Red Cross Kreisverband Wangen e.V.

The German Red Cross with more than 3.5 million members was searching for a barcode scanner SDK. The team wanted a barcode scanning tool and Soda PDF to use in accounting, to increase productivity by automating certain tasks.

To this end, they wanted to be able to start the tool, use it to read data off a barcode, and automatically rename associated PDF files the same as the barcode number. Thus, the development team behind the charity found a solution online – Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.

The team at the charity was up and running with the new tool in a week. The SDK immediately provided the automating and time-saving realizations they coveted.

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About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft’s barcode reader SDK provides C/C++, .NET, Objective-C, Swift, and Java APIs for developers to embed high-speed and powerful barcode scanning to applications efficiently.

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