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Document Management Technologies to Enable Remote Work

Jan 11, 2022
Document Management Technologies to Enable Remote Work

With the move to the remote workplace, workers communicate and manage documents through new technologies. Hence, it becomes critical for companies to determine what elements in document management systems are still current and what aspects they need to adopt change? Finding the answers to these questions will help organizations implement a robust document management system to save time and costs, maximize productivity, and boost their businesses.

Building a Robust Document Management System

While paperwork is still a massive process in many workplaces, digitization first enables remote work. Converting physical documents into digital files and properly archiving them in a document management system is essential to enabling accessibility, collaboration, and security for remote work.

So, having a robust, secure, and easily accessible document management system is a fundamental element to enable remote work with document management capabilities. But, if not appropriately leveraged, document management systems can also become the reason for frustrations. Hence, companies need to consider the critical elements and the best technologies to ensure workflow success. Choosing the right components will help you build a custom document management system to get the maximum benefits for your organization.

Technologies for Better Document Management

Technologies such as optical character recognition, best known as OCR, are best to employ. Mobile browser-based digitization is also essential, so document management does not have to stop just because you only have a smartphone on hand. Also, tried and true barcode reading is crucial to help process, route, and quickly call up related documents.

Barcodes on documents help reduce indexing and searching time. According to a study, a typical employee spends around 30% to 40% of their day looking for printed documents. When barcodes are printed on documents, a user can scan and know precisely where to find the digital copy, the owner, repository, or other confidential or related information. It reduces time to organize, index, and find digitized files. Companies can also save costs by minimizing the use of paper and consumables. It also makes files easily accessible and the process more secure.

Going one step further to digitizing documents is converting them into searchable content with OCR. When you do this, looking for an important document is just a matter of knowing what to search for within content. This allows employees to search for a name, social security number, or other identifiers to locate records rather than remember a file name. OCR technology also allows you to easily copy or export text from a scanned document to other applications, for example, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. You can quickly add PDF bookmarks and process forms faster.

Going digital is a mandatory step in streamlining workflow processes for remote workers. Enabling individuals to digitize documents anywhere quickly requires the document management system to work on mobile devices in addition to desktops. Employees might not have scanners or document cameras at home. So, using any camera-equipped device, like their smartphone, as a document capturing device significantly improves the efficiency and the ease of collaborating on documents. You can easily integrate a powerful document management system to streamline workflows with the right solutions.

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