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Parameter Reference

Capture Vision Template

Parameter Name Description
ImageROIProcessingNameArray Defines the collection of image ROI processing object names, used to refer to the TargetROIDef objects.
ImageSourceName Indicates the input source name, used to refer to the ImageSource object.
MaxParallelTasks Defines the maximum number of parallel tasks for the DCV runtime.
OutputRawImage Indicates whether DCV finally outputs the original input image.
SemanticProcessingNameArray Represents the collection of semantic-processing object names, used to refer to the SematicProcessing objects.
Timeout Defines the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that should be spent processing each image or frame.

Target ROI Def

Parameter Name Description
BaseTargetROIDefName Represents the name of another TargetROIDef object to inherit from.
Location Defines the location of the TargetROI with reference objects filter conditions and offset parameters.
PauseFlag Indicates that the region results generated by this TargetROIDef will not be used by other TargetROIDef objects that depend on it to calculate the target regions, unless the user explicitly performs an update operation.
TaskSettingNameArray Parameter TaskSettingNameArray represents the collection of task setting object names, used to refer to the BarcodeReaderTaskSetting, LabelRecognizerTaskSetting, DocumentNormalizerTaskSetting objects.

Label Recognizer Task Setting

Parameter Name Description
BaseLabelRecognizerTaskSettingName Represents the name of another LabelRecognizerTaskSetting object to inherit from.
DictionaryCorrectionThresholds Sets the threshold of dictionary error correction.
DictionaryPath Sets the path of the dictionary file.
StringLengthRange Sets the range of string lengths for concatenated strings of recognized text lines.
StringRegExPattern Specifies the regular expression pattern for concatenated strings of recognized text lines.
TextLineSpecificationNameArray Defines the collection of text line specification object names

Barcode Reader Task Setting

Parameter Name Description
BarcodeColourModes Defines the barcode colour modes.
BarcodeComplementModes Defines how to complement the missing parts of a barcode.
BarcodeFormatIds Defines the formats of the barcode to process.
BaseBarcodeReaderTaskSettingName Represents the name of another BarcodeReaderTaskSetting object to inherit from.
DeblurModes Defines the mode and priority for deblurring.
DeformationResistingModes Defines how to handle distorted and deformed barcodes.
DPMCodeReadingModes Defines how to read direct part mark (DPM) barcodes.
ExpectedBarcodesCount Defines the number of barcodes expected to be detected.
LocalizationModes Defines how to localize barcodes.
ReturnBarcodeZoneClarity Defines whether to return the clarity of the barcode zone.
TextResultOrderModes Defines the order of the returned text results.

Document Normalizer Task Setting

Parameter Name Description
BaseDocumentNormalizerTaskSettingName Represents the name of another DocumentNormalizerTaskSetting object to inherit from.
Brightness Defines the brightness of the normalized image.
ColourMode Defines the output colour mode of the normalized image.
ContentType Defines which contents are the targeting objects.
Contrast Defines the contrast of the normalized image.
CornerAngleRange Defines the range of angles (in degrees) of the extracted corners.
DeskewMode Defines the method in which the deskew process way used to apply the deskew process on the target normalized image.
LineExtractionModes Defines the algorithm used to extract lines.
PageSize Defines the page size (width by height in pixels) of the normalized image.
QuadrilateralDetectionModes Defines the quadrilateral detection process on an image.


Parameter Name Description
BaseImageParameterName Represents the name of another ImageParameter object to inherit from.
BinarizationModes Defines the process of binarization
ColourConversionModes Defines how to convert a colour image to a grayscale image.
GrayscaleEnhancementModes Defines the image processing methods to enhance the quality of the grayscale image.
GrayscaleTransformationModes Defines whether or not to invert the color of the grayscale image.
IfEraseTextZone Defines whether to erase the detected text zone.
RegionPredetectionModes Defines how to find a region of interest (ROI) within the image or frame.
ScaleDownThreshold Defines the threshold for image shrinking.
ScaleUpModes Defines the scale-up process when targets in the image are too small.
TextDetectionMode Defines how to detect the text area.
TextureDetectionModes Defines how to detect texture on an image.

TextLine Specification

Parameter Name Description
ApplicableTextLineNumbers Defines the line numers of the targeting lines which are specified by the TextLineSpecification object.
BaseTextLineSpecificationName Defines the name of another BaseTextLineSpecificationName object.
CharHeightRange Defines the range of the character height.
CharacterModelName Defines the name of the character model.
CharacterNormalizationModes Defines an array of character normalization mode to implement.
FirstPoint The top-left vertex coordinate of the the text line.
SecondPoint The top-right vertex coordinate of the the text line.
ThirdPoint The bottom-right vertex coordinate of the the text line.
FourthPoint The bottom-left vertex coordinate of the the text line.

Character Model

Parameter Name Description
FilterFilePath Defines the full path of the filter file which specifies the characters to be recognized.

Barcode Format Specification

Parameter Name Description
AllModuleDeviation Defines the width deviation value (in moduleSize) of a non-standard 1D barcode type relative to the standard barcode width.
AustralianPostEncodingTable Defines the encoding table used to code the Customer Information Field of Australian Post Customer Barcode.
BarcodeAngleRangeArray Defines the range of angles (in degrees) for barcodes searching and result filtering.
BarcodeBytesLengthRangeArray Defines the range of barcode bytes length for barcodes searching and result filtering.
BarcodeHeightRangeArray Defines the range of heights (in pixels) for barcodes searching and result filtering.
BarcodeTextLengthRangeArray Defines the range of barcode text length for barcodes searching and result filtering.
BarcodeTextRegExPattern Defines the regular expression pattern of barcode text characters for barcodes searching and result filtering.
BarcodeWidthRangeArray Defines the range of widths (in pixels) for barcodes searching and result filtering.
BarcodeZoneBarCountRangeArray Defines the range of bar count of the barcode zone for barcodes searching.
BarcodeZoneMinDistanceToImageBorders Defines the minimum distance (in pixels) between the barcode zone and image borders.
Code128Subset Defines the subset of Code 128.
EnableAddOnCode Defines whether to identify addon code.
EnableDataMatrixECC000-140 Defines whether to read Data Matrix ECC000-140 barcode.
EnableQRCodeModel1 Defines whether to read QR code model 1.
FindUnevenModuleBarcode Defines whether to find barcodes with uneven barcode modules.
HeadModuleRatio Defines the module count and module size ratio of the barcode head section.
MinQuietZoneWidth Defines the minimum width (in moduleSize) of the barcode quiet zone.
MinRatioOfBarcodeZoneWidthToHeight Defines the minimum ratio (width/height as a percentage) of the barcode zone.
MinResultConfidence Defines the minimum confidence of the result.
MirrorMode Defines whether to decode mirrored barcodes.
ModuleSizeRangeArray Defines the range of module size (in pixels) while barcode searching and result filtering.
MSICodeCheckDigitCalculation Defines the scheme used for calculating a check digit of an MSI barcode.
PartitionModes Defines the mode to apply partition process when decoding QRCode and DataMatrix.
PatchCodeSearchingMargin Defines the patch code searching margins.
RequireStartStopChars Defines whether the start and stop characters are required when searching for common 1D barcodes.
ReturnPartialBarcodeValue Defines whether to return partial barcode value(s).
StandardFormat Defines the standard barcode format.
TailModuleRatio Defines the module count and module size ratio of the barcode tail section.
VerifyCheckDigit Defines whether to verify the check digit in barcodes where this check digit is optional.

Code Parser Task Setting Options

Parameter Name Description
CodeSpecifications Defines the names of CodeSpecification used for code parsing.
ResourcesPath Defines the directory path that contains the resources needed for code parsing.

Image Source Options

Parameter Name Description
FileFilter Defines a file name filter string, which determines which files are fetched.
PDFReadingMode Defines how to handle PDF files.
Recursive Defines whether to fetch files recursively.
Type Defines the type of the ImageSource object, which helps CVR create the correct type of image source.

Global Parameter

Parameter Name Description
MaxTotalImageDimension Defines the maximum total dimension of the images that read in the memory.

Shared Parameter

Parameter Name Description
DirectoryPath Defines a path when the library have to read files.
MaxThreadsInOneTask Defines the maximum threads that can be consumed in one task.
Name Represents the name of the top-level objects in Dynamsoft Capture Vision Parameter Template, which serves as its unique identifier.
SectionImageParameterArray Defines the image processing algorithms that implemented in the task.
StartSection Defines the start section of the algorithm task.
TerminateSetting Defines the terminate stages of the task.

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