Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK for Digital Extraction of Content from Physical Labels Improves Recognition Performance by as Much as 70 Percent

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK, now v1.2, Digitally Extracts Data from Printed Labels, Inventory Tags, VINs, ID Cards and More in Government, Retail, Warehousing and Other Applications

VANCOUVER – May 25, 2021 – Dynamsoft has updated its software development kit that enables users to scan and extract content digitally from physical labels such as price labels, inventory tags, vehicle identification numbers (VIN), to improve performance by as much as 70 percent. The SDK is ideal for application developers to expand data capture capabilities from printed labels and tags in automotive, government, retail, warehousing, and other industries.

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer version 1.2 has improved general recognition performance by 10 percent. It has also improved performance when dealing with skewed characters, and characters that are italicized, by as much as 70 percent. Some of this performance improvement was accomplished via a reduction in the size of character recognition model files behind the scenes. As a result, the enhancements build upon overall recognition accuracy and speed in an already business-grade solution.

“We developed Dynamsoft Label Recognizer to be an enterprise-grade data capture solution and improvements such as these demonstrate our continued commitment to grow the reach of our solutions in the data capture market,” said Amy Gu, President, Dynamsoft. “Dynamsoft Label Recognizer can be used for applications like label price matching in grocery and retail chains. The scenario where prices do not match is common and frustrating to customers when it causes delays at checkout. It also costs consumers and stores millions in losses annually.”

Another application example is in automotive, such as fleet management or car dealerships. Here, industry professionals can use Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) to identify vehicles for various inventory or processing purposes. With Dynamsoft Label Recognizer, users can conveniently scan VINs or other labels on vehicles.

Warehousing can be another common application use. A person can capture content that is not from a barcode. This can include pallet ID labels to verify items are in place or that need to be restocked. In the transportation industry Dynamsoft Label Recognizer can be used to scan machine-readable ID cards for passports to be easily and instantly read, also beyond what is barcoded. This can help add layers of security.

Also, in healthcare, pharmaceutical product information not in a barcode can be captured. This can include lot numbers, for example. Finally, in one more example, staff ID badges can eliminate barcodes and instead rely on label recognition technology to capture names for ID verification.

About Dynamsoft Label Recognizer

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK is based on optical character recognition (OCR) technology. OCR is widely used for extracting text from scanned paper documents so it can be digitally saved and edited. But for this task, the amount of time required is acceptable. In other applications, speed of OCR is impractical. So, Dynamsoft has created an optimized implementation of OCR for specific use with short and sparse content, such as found on labels. As a result, it is an efficient, accurate, and reliable solution for extracting useful content from labels and tags used in a variety of industries like automotive, government, healthcare, retail, transportation, and more.

Also, for images of poor quality, sophisticated algorithms are applied to improve contrast, remove noise, and so on. The characteristics of content can also be used to improve image quality. For example, the curve of text on a circular object can be used to correct distorted images.

Developers can provide users with an option to run zonal OCR in a text area. With this, a user can specify a relative position for a reference region. For example, one can specify the SDK to only scan zones to the left and bottom of a barcode symbol on a price tag. In this case, the coordinates of the barcode can be used to specify the position of the content areas. This level of specification further speeds scan recognition and improves recognition accuracy, which is particularly important for large enterprise or warehousing applications.

Pricing and Availability

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer works with content that includes text, numbers, alphanumeric, and common symbols. It is built for development with C/C++ APIs on Windows® and Linux®. Version 1.2 is now available and can be purchased and downloaded from the Dynamsoft website. Pricing varies by licensing type.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

Dynamsoft Corp. provides enterprise-class TWAIN™ software development kits (SDK), Barcode Reader SDK, and OCR SDK solutions to help developers meet a variety of scan and image capture requirements. This includes developing document management and barcode applications for desktop or mobile. The company also provides enterprise-grade version control software to help developers manage developer teams and projects. The imaging SDKs help today’s businesses seeking to migrate to paperless electronic document and records management. Dynamsoft is an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group that develops TWAIN standards. Thousands of customers use Dynamsoft's solutions. Customers include 3M®; EMC®; FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.; Fujitsu®; GE®; H&R Block®; HP®; IBM®, Intel®; Infosys®; Lockheed Martin®; Olympus®; Philips®; PricewaterhouseCoopers®; Samsung®; Siemens®; Symantec®; Unisys®; Verizon®; and more. The company was founded in 2003. More information is available at http://www.dynamsoft.com.

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