Dynamsoft Launches a Scanning Solution for .NET-Based Applications

The Newest Addition to the Portfolio of Dynamsoft TWAIN Family -- Dynamic .NET TWAIN

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - January 26, 2010)

Dynamsoft, the leading developer of TWAIN controls and components, today announced the release of the newest addition to its portfolio -- Dynamic .NET TWAIN, a dedicated .NET component for Microsoft .NET Framework-based desktop scanning solutions. With the rich feature set of Dynamic .NET TWAIN, developers can build a natural yet powerful scanning application in several lines of code.

The fully-managed component enables users to acquire images from any TWAIN compliant device (scanners, cameras, etc.) or load local images. After editing the images, users can save them to any local disk, web server file system or database.

Dynamic .NET TWAIN supports Xcopy deployment. All you need to do is copy a DLL file into your setup package, and no registration is required.

"Through the rich experience with Dynamic TWAIN and Dynamic Web TWAIN in the past 6 years, we gained solid knowledge about how to save time and money for scanning solution developers. In response to our customers' requests, we decided to offer a dedicated TWAIN component for Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications," said Amy Gu, vice president, Dynamsoft Corporation. "The new product introduces more significant and valuable new TWAIN features."

Dynamic .NET TWAIN supports managing images with the BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats. Its built-in PDF encoder/decoder enables extracting images from single and multi-page PDF files. Being a standard .NET component guarantees its extendibility and scalability to support GIF files as well as .NET OCR in future releases. Also, the ease of use can be well ensured when developers are programming in .NET with C# or VB.NET.

Dynamsoft also provides Dynamic Web TWAIN for web applications and non Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications.

Pricing and Availability

For information about the pricing and availability, please contact sales@dynamsoft.com or visit https://www.dynamsoft.com/Products/.Net-TWAIN-Scanner.aspx.

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