Dynamsoft to Attend HSA's Capture 2018 Conference, September, in New York


According to their website, Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA) specializes in technologies used to create, understand and extract meaningful usable information from analog-based semi and unstructured data sets. Their services include market analysis, technology planning assistance, product positioning, product management, client-sponsored research and strategic planning services. Covered areas include high-speed image acquisition and enhancement software, recognition software, classification and other pattern recognition tools. HSA has identified that the addressed Capture market worldwide is worth approximately $3.6 bn p.a. with a Capture 2.0 Services market potential of $30bn.

Dynamsoft Corp. provides enterprise-class document capture SDKs to help developers implement document scanning and capture, barcode reading, and OCR requirements in web, desktop, or mobile document management applications. The company also provides enterprise-grade version control software to help developers manage developer teams and projects. The imaging SDKs help today's businesses seeking to migrate from wasteful paper-based workflows to efficient electronic document and records management. Dynamsoft is an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group that develops TWAIN standards. Thousands of customers use Dynamsoft's solutions. Customers include 3M®; Apple®; EMC®; FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.; Fujitsu®; GE®; H&R Block®; HP®; IBM®, Intel®; Infosys®; Lockheed Martin®; Olympus®; Philips®; PricewaterhouseCoopers®; Samsung®; Siemens®; Symantec®; Unisys®; Verizon®; and more. The company was founded in 2003. More information is available at http://www.dynamsoft.com.


Dynamsoft will attend the HSA Capture 2018 Conference, an event targeted at Capture and robotic process automation (RPA) industry executives. According to HSA, some 90 percent of attending companies return year after year, and many partnerships, mergers and acquisitions have developed at this conference. In addition, more than 80 percent of attendees are VP or C-level executives. The agenda for the conference includes sessions on: The State of The Capture Market 2018; The New World of Intelligent Contracts and the Usage of Blockchain; How Digital Transformation Affects the Mortgage Industry, and more.


September 5-6, 2018. Events for September 5 begin at 6 PM and events for September 6 begin at 7 AM.


The Mansion in Glen Cove, NY. It is in the tri-state area, approximately 25 miles from New York's La Guardia and JFK airports, to help facilitate scheduling of other business opportunities around the conference.


Dynamsoft will be attending to network with industry executives, gain a better understanding of industry trends, and generally to facilitate business meetings. Parties interested in meeting with Dynamsoft during the conference can contact us.

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