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Aptimyz Transforms Retail ERP with Rapid Browser-Based Scanning using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK


Browser-based barcode scanning

Key Requirements

  • Fast Browser-based Barcode Scanning
  • Quick and Easy Integration


Aptimyz is a retail cloud subscription solution that works in partnership with Clover, a global provider of point-of-sale (or "POS") hardware. The company is based across Europe and has clients in Canada, UK, Ireland and the USA.

Aptimyz's primary goal is to provide retailers with the most cost-effective and best-in-class solution to eliminate large initial investments and excessive support fees often associated with POS and back-office management systems.


Aptimyz was building an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution with integrated payments to cater to retailers. The Aptimyz team wanted to integrate fast barcode scanning and quick integration into the system, as browser scanning may sometimes be slow.

Choosing Dynamsoft JavaScript Barcode Reader SDK helped the Aptimyz team integrate enterprise-grade scanning functionality with minimal development overhead. By utilizing Dynamsoft's robust, highly optimized scanning libraries, Aptimyz was able to offer reliable, high-performance barcode scanning throughout their Retail POS without the hassle of designing its scanning algorithms. The native experience helped scanning feel like a natural flow to promote efficiency.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK was a comprehensive solution to Aptimyz's complex scanning challenges.

The Challenge Faced

Developing a high-quality scanning functionality from scratch requires significant engineering, which was one of the crucial challenges for the Aptimyz team. They wanted to avoid the hassle of developing scanning algorithms and to deliver reliable, high-performance barcode scanning capabilities across their solution.

Beyond basic scanning capabilities, they wanted to integrate features, such as controlling the device camera, caching codes, and localization, that integrate natively into the application. Embarking on the project from scratch would have required a substantial allocation of time and resources. Slow browser-based scanning was another challenge that the Aptimyz team encountered.

Choosing Dynamsoft's JavaScript Barcode Scanner SDK helped Aptimyz minimize development complexity and sped up the integration process to embed fast, reliable, and high-performance browser-based barcode scanning capabilities in their retail ERP solution.

We sought an efficient way to incorporate barcode scanning functionality into our retail ERP solution without dedicating excessive time and resources to development. Our decision to opt for Dynamsoft's JavaScript Barcode Scanner SDK proved to be a strategic choice, as it enabled us to streamline the development process significantly. By leveraging the SDK, we successfully integrated fast, dependable, and high-performance browser-based barcode scanning capabilities into our retail ERP system

– Charles Major, Chief Product Officer

Choosing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK vs. Building from Scratch

Developing browser-based barcode scanning from scratch would have taken a considerable amount of time for the Aptimyz team. Hence, after testing several SDKs from multiple vendors, they decided to go ahead with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK because of the following reasons:

Simple APIs

Dynamsoft offers straightforward APIs for scanning functionality that is easy to implement and doesn't require extensive technical expertise or development resources from Aptimyz's engineers. This sped up the time to integrate and kept complexity low.

Cross-platform Support

Dynamsoft supports scanning across all device types and operating systems that Aptimyz needed to cover - like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. The Javascript SDK integration works everywhere rather than requiring different options for each platform which adds complexity.


Dynamsoft's solution is highly flexible, enabling Aptimyz to start with more basic 1D barcode scanning and then upgrade to 2D barcodes, postal codes, QR codes, and other capabilities over time as needed to meet customer or industry requirements.


While full-featured, Dynamsoft's SDK provides options for customizing or extending functionality to meet any requirements specific to Aptimyz's application and customers not addressed out of the box.

Camera Management

Dynamsoft's SDK abstracts away the complexity of interacting with smartphone and device cameras at a low level. It provides an interface to easily trigger scans, enabling lighting and focus features and handling differences between camera capabilities across platforms without Aptimyz needing deep camera expertise.

Compliance Ready

As a specialized vendor focused on barcode scanning, Dynamsoft keeps its SDK compliant with all major standards, organizations, and privacy, security, and data usage regulations to make sure technology meets the latest guidelines so that Aptimyz's application will as well by using them. This reduces risk and overhead for Aptimyz.

Technical Support

Dynamsoft provides reliable support and assistance for Aptimyz's engineers when they encountered any issues or questions while integrating the SDK.

Competitive Pricing

Dynamsoft's scanning SDK is affordable and offers flexible, scalable pricing based on the capabilities and volume of scans - which suited Aptimyz's needs well at both small and enterprise scales.

Beyond its excellent performance, the clear and comprehensive documentation, coupled with outstanding developer support, significantly accelerated the implementation process. Additionally, we were delighted by the flexibility of Dynamsoft's licensing options, catering to the needs of both individual developers and large enterprises alike. This combination of robust technology, exceptional support, and adaptable licensing made Dynamsoft the ideal choice for our needs.

– Charles Major, Chief Product Officer

Benefits Realized

The decision to opt for Dynamsoft's JavaScript Barcode Scanner SDK proved instrumental in streamlining the development intricacies and expediting the integration process for the Aptimyz team. This enabled them to seamlessly incorporate a swift, reliable, high-efficiency browser-based barcode scanning functionality into their retail ERP solution.

Quick Integration

Dynamsoft SDK’s robust barcode and QR code scanning capabilities greatly enhanced Aptimyz's application by enabling rapid input and identification using physical objects, providing enterprise-grade scanning functionality with minimal development.

Other Important Feature

Beyond basic scanning capabilities, Dynamsoft provided APIs for controlling the device camera, caching codes, localization, and other valuable features that integrate natively into the application.

Highly Optimized Scanning

By leveraging Dynamsoft's robust, highly optimized scanning libraries, Aptimyz avoided the challenges of developing its scanning algorithms and delivering reliable, high-performance barcode scanning capabilities across its applications. The native experience helped scanning feel like an integrated part of the apps to end users.

Fast Barcode Scanning

Choosing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK helped Aptimyz add fast browser-based scanning with optimal accuracy in their ERP application.

Ability to Read Challenging Barcodes

Aptimyz was able to add the capability of detecting the most challenging barcodes in real time by leveraging Dynamsoft’s optimized computer vision algorithms.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is a cutting-edge software development kit (SDK) that empowers developers to seamlessly integrate high-performance 1D and 2D barcode reading capabilities into their web, desktop, or mobile applications. The developers are only required to write a few lines of code. This eliminates the testing, development, and additional resource expenditures. It supports multiple platforms, including JavaScript, C, C++,.NET, Python, Java, Android, and iOS.

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