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Fabchair uses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to create an app that automates the delivery of finished goods by scanning the delivery boxes

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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader


Web-based QR code scanning

Key Requirements

  • Integration of the solution with the ERPNext software
  • Optimal scanning speed.

About Fabchair

Founded in 1973, Fabchair is a furniture and accessories manufacturer based in India. Initially focused on the production of chair bases, their core business activities now include manufacturing other chair-related accessories as well. They produce different products for office chairs, such as bases, armrests, castors, etc.

Fabchair produces high-quality products and fulfills EN 1335, ANSI BIFMA X5.1, and BS 5459 manufacturing standards and regulations.


Fabchair is a furniture manufacturing company specializing in producing chair-related accessories. They manufacture mesh backs, bases, castors, and other components office chairs need.

Fabchair leveraged the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to create an application to automate the delivery of their finished goods. They wanted an application where the user opens the pick list from their ERPNext software and scans the boxes due for delivery. With Dynamsoft, they created an application that automated the scanning of boxes for delivering goods to customer.

Technology Requirements

Technical Requirements Fabchair wanted to automate the delivery of its finished products. They required an application where the users open the pick list from their ERPNext software and scan boxes for customer delivery.

Since Fabchair used cloud ERP, they chose web-based QR code scanning. They didn't try any other SDK as Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK was able to fulfill their needs and help them create a robust barcode reading solution.


Getting Going with A Solution

It took Fabchair approximately 2 months to create the application. There were no technical issues during the development. However, they observed that native ERP QR codes were unexpectedly taking a long time to scan. But they were able to resolve it later successfully with the help of Dynamsoft’s support team.

After the application was created, users could access the pick list on their mobile devices by logging into their cloud ERP and scanning the boxes for delivering goods to customers.


Benefits Realized

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK helped Fabchair achieve their business goals. Fabchair started this application at one location with 2-3 users on the shop floor. They were able to achieve the expected scanning speed easily.

Each scan gave a beep, which ensured the box was scanned. They also met their developmental milestones and gained impressive barcode reading capabilities.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is a commercial-grade barcode scanning solution that allows developers to embed barcode reading functionalities in their web, desktop, or mobile application.

All they need to do is just a few lines of code and create a robust and reliable barcode scanner. The SDK supports common platforms: Android, iOS, JavaScript, Linux, and Windows. It is also capable of scanning most 1D and 2D barcode symbols.

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