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Fees Expense Tracking Application Adds Fast Real-Time Receipt Capture Powered by Dynamsoft Document Normalizer

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Real-time receipt capture

Key Requirements

  • Identification of bills and receipts in the image


Fees is a company located in Cremona, Italy that offers an online expense management service to help businesses easily track expenses, automate accounting processes, and gain insights into company spending.


Fees was building an application to digitize documents for expense tracking. To develop the same, the Fees team was looking for a solution allowing their end clients to scan receipts and bills at their end and perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing to extract the details from the bills and auto-populate their forms.

The users need to initiate the scanning process by clicking on the designated scan button upon accessing the application's homepage. By implementing this action, the receipt will undergo a scanning process. Subsequently, the users can manually input the omitted data that was not accurately identified by the OCR system and proceed to save the document accordingly.

Finally, the users can easily configure report filters by accessing the dashboard. Thereafter, the report can be quickly sent to the finance department.

Choosing Dynamsoft Document Normalizer helped Fees add real-time receipt capture capability to the application, benefitting their annual base of 15,000 users. Quick implementation, quick document capturing, competitive pricing, and ardent support from our technical experts helped the Fees team develop the functionality from scratch in just six months.

The Challenge Faced

The Fees team was looking for a solution that would help save time and effort in developing the capability to identify the bills and receipts in the images and crop them to further perform OCR processing.

Benefits Realized by Choosing Dynamsoft: Impacting 15,000 Users Annually

By choosing the Dynamsoft Document Normalizer, the Fees Team was able to perform real-time receipt capture quickly.

They opted not to reinvent the wheel and instead proceeded with implementing our software development kit (SDK), which effectively fulfilled their application requirement. Despite already employing a comparable solution and the requirement to undergo the migration process, the Fees team ultimately decided to transition to Dynamsoft Document Normalizer.

The Fees team also experienced the advantage of a swift implementation process. Only four individuals, including sales and marketing personnel, were engaged in the process. Leveraging the expertise of our technical professionals, the functionality was successfully developed within a span of six months. Today, around 15,000 annual users of Fees take advantage of rapid real-time receipt capture.


About Dynamsoft Document Normalizer SDK

The Dynamsoft Document Normalizer (DDN) is an innovative software development kit (SDK) engineered to identify quadrilaterals within images, commonly referred to as quads. Its primary function is to accurately detect various types of boundaries, including those found in documents and tables. Once the quads are identified, the DDN seamlessly executes document normalization processes on the corresponding images, ensuring optimal visual consistency and alignment. Document normalization encompasses a comprehensive array of essential functions, including but not limited to border cropping, perspective correction, as well as contrast and brightness adjustment, among others. Additionally, the resulting normalized image can be used for further processing, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

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