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World Renowned Luxury Fashion Brand Lands on Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to Upgrade its Boutique Inventory Management


Retail, Luxury Fashion


Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK


Smartphones, 1D barcode reading

Key Requirements

  • High performance barcode scanning
  • Back system integration
  • Browser-based usage


A multi-billion-dollar European-based luxury retail brand known the world over was in need of upgrading its inventory management. It wanted a mobile browser-based application. To implement the barcode scanning function, it researched off-the-shelf solutions. Eventually, the company adopted Dynamsoft Barcode Reader because it found it to be the best combination of high performance and affordability. Today, dozens to hundreds of users at its boutiques located worldwide use the application to efficiently manage inventory. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader saved months of extra development work and is providing the high performance the application requires.


This is a European-based luxury retail brand known the world over. The company is decades old, and it has hundreds of worldwide retail locations. It is a multi-billion-dollar fashion brand with hundreds of thousands of employees. The company has roughly 50 staff members that perform inventory tasks weekly at its boutiques.

Hundreds of worldwide retail locations

Multi-billion-dollar fashion brand

Hundreds of thousands of employees

A Technology Need

There are internal inventory managers and the company scales from using 50 weekly to more than 150 over a year period to keep stock accurate at its hundreds of worldwide boutiques. As is well known in retail, the use of barcode technology is an efficient method for managing inventory, particularly the larger the organization, such as in this case.

This luxury fashion brand was looking to upgrade its barcode reader capabilities, to create a web application for barcode-based inventory management. The web application would be accessible via a common smartphone or tablet. It would need to integrate with their ecosystem and own APIs, particularly its referential systems for stock at boutiques.

Getting Going with a Solution

The company understood building its own barcode reader would be daunting. In the short-term, it typically requires months of extra work and more resources. In the long-term the team would also need to maintain it as supporting technologies changed, such as with browser updates.

So, the team started researching barcode reader SDKs to use. Most of the ones they assessed were too slow on performance. They narrowed it down to a small batch and eventually settled on Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. It offered the best of both worlds in being high performance and affordable to suit their budget.

“The SDK is quite powerful in terms of quality and speed”

– development manager at the company

Advantages Gained

Advantages Gained

The team to create the application consisted of about six people from finance, retail, and IT. It took about two months to create the application. The speed of development was no doubt helped by avoiding many more months of creating a barcode reader internally.

Today, a user logs in, selects the appropriate boutique from a provided list in the web application, and then selects the appropriate space and product line. From there they can initiate a chain scan. The scan is submitted and a list of discrepancies versus supposed stock is provided so discrepancies can be corrected.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK is a software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to efficiently embed enterprise-grade 1D and 2D barcode reading functionality in a web, desktop, or mobile application. It requires using just a few lines of code. This eliminates months of added development time and spares extra resource costs. It is available for use on platforms including, JavaScript, C and C++, .NET, Python, Java, Android, and iOS.

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