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Siroi Solutions Realizes Faster Time to Market Using Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK for its Application’s Document Capture Capabilities

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Dynamic Web TWAIN


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Key Requirements

  • Desktop, web, and mobile browsers
  • Remote login and access


Siroi Solutions is a strategic technology consultancy based in Malaysia. The company provides custom software development services, amongst various other related services. One customer in estate and will planning services requested an application to help them digitize their paperwork. They wanted a fast and reliable application for around 30 users to migrate from paper-based processes to digital document management. Siroi Solutions set out to develop the application using its best practices in working with customers. When they came to implementing the document capture component, they decided to use an SDK. The use of an SDK would help them achieve a much faster time to market. It would also put their minds at ease knowing if they found the right partner that it would be supported by a mature company. They found this partner and solution in Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. In using the SDK, Siroi Solutions realized the return on investment they sought. More importantly, it met all the needs of their own customers’ performance requirements.

The Company

Siroi Solutions is a strategic technology consultancy and implementer based in Malaysia and founded in 2014. Core services and solutions include digital product design and prototyping, big data science analytics, systems migrations and integrations, custom software development, open source ERP and CRM solution development, and other related services. Across these elements, the company helps entrepreneurs design and build engaging products to transform their ideas into successful solutions. Siroi Solutions’ products and services are supported by deep insight into the industries the company works across. These industries include media, security, retail, risk management, hospitality, e-commerce and marketplaces, fin-tech, multi-level marketing, and more. Learn more online at

A Technology Need

Siroi Solutions was tasked by a customer to create an application to digitize physical paper to improve collaboration and workflow efficiencies. It would also help reduce physical storage requirements and paper use. Approximately 30 users would also need to be able to easily search and access documents.

To begin an effort of designing an application with a customer, the Siroi Solutions team identifies user personas. User personas include stakeholders that will be interacting with the application in various ways. Part of this process involves conducting an empathy mapping where they attempt to place themselves in the shoes of each of the personas. They try to imagine their experience with the application. They might also consider how various personas interact with each other. To do so, they use different tools to bring out these relationships.

Afterward, they begin design ideation with sketches of screens and eventually creating lo-fi wireframes. Then they begin crafting the user interface (UI). They give careful attention to color choice, typography and to following modern UI design patterns. Some customers have their own brand guidelines in which case they follow it. Eventually clickable prototypes are provided to test user experience, validating the user flow and interaction design, before moving on to coding.

Getting Going with A Solution

Five people were involved in developing the solution and it took six months. The application specifically needed to allow the administration of documents. This would include the set-up of document templates, workspaces, the set-up of user roles, an ability to invite users to sign-up, and go to their folder. Of course, the entire purpose being to digitize documents, the application had to efficiently allow the scanning, editing, and saving of various paper document types.

The Siroi Solutions team understands this is a multi-device world. Therefore, a responsive design would be critical. Various tools are used to facilitate collaboration between different teams. They involve developers during the design process to avoid development complications. UX designers are trained in design thinking, user experience techniques, color theory, principles of design such as balance, hierarchy and correct use of textures and shapes.

When it came time to implement that scan and capture component of the application, the Siroi Solutions team knew it had to use a software development kit (SDK). Using an SDK had several advantages. First, it would remove the need to code the component itself and to learn and understand all underlying industry standards. This would save months of additional work. Also, by using an SDK, that component could be maintained in working order by the SDK vendor, removing long-term technical support headaches.

So, the team searched for a document scanning SDK. After checking out several vendors, the Siroi Solutions team settled on Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. It met all their needs for fast integration, strong enterprise—grade performance and reliability, and affordable licensing.

Benefits Realized

The Siroi Solutions team realized immediate ROI by using Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN. The fast implementation they sought was achieved. So, a faster time to market for their own customer was realized too. They also have the peace of mind they wanted. The scan and capture part of the application is covered by a mature software vendor - Dynamsoft.

The application was rolled out and the customer is happy. In fact, there are plans to expand the application’s reach.

"By using Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, we knew we could deliver much faster for our customer. In addition, we gained peace of mind knowing the document scan, editing, and saving component is backed by mature software provided by Dynamsoft."

- Romi Sharma, CEO, Siroi Solutions

About Dynamic Web TWAIN

Briefly, Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN is an enterprise-grade reliable browser-based document scanning SDK. It is specifically designed for web applications, and the company also offers an SDK for desktop applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, a developer can implement an application to scan documents via any common web browser. The SDK also has built-in support for image editing features like rotate, crop, mirror, contrast, brightness, and more. Users can export or upload various popular file formats and use common transfer protocols to save captures to local or network repositories.

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