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Trippus leveraged the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to enhance their Trippus Check-In and Trippus Exhibitor Lead Scan

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Key Requirements

  • Barcode scanning for validating invitations
  • Barcode scanning for collecting information

About Trippus

Trippus was founded in 2000 by a local university student. Since then, Trippus has become the market leader in event platforms in Sweden. Their headquarter is in Uppsala, a few miles north of the Swedish capital Stockholm. They are also based in Norway, Denmark, and Italy. There are currently around 40 employees working under them.

Trippus is a powerful event management organization. It aids in supervising invitations, registrations, creating e-tickets, real-time questionnaires, and other event-related processes. Trippus strives to simplify event management and ensure seamless organization. To learn more, visit


Trippus leveraged the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to enhance their Trippus Check-In and Trippus Exhibitor Lead Scan. The former is for checking participants in and out of the events. The latter allows the exhibitors to quickly scan event participants and save them as leads in the Trippus Exhibitor Portal.

With the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, Trippus found a reliable way of scanning with all kinds of devices. They were able to integrate the application into their portal for check-in and lead scanning. The integrations went smoothly, working seamlessly for them and their customers.

Technology Requirements

Trippus needed an application for their event organizers to ensure that the participants had a valid booking while entering the event. Moreover, it was essential for exhibitors to scan and obtain contact information from potential leads during the event. They needed a robust barcode scanning solution for the same.

The number of users scanning with the barcode reader remains at a current peak of 460 devices. However, the number of scans varies from event to event, with the bigger events having participant numbers reaching well above 50,000.

Trippus relies on a web-based application. So, gaining access to all the camera features was a bit trickier. They tried several SDKs but found them lacking in different areas. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK ticked all boxes for them and was highly reliable.


Getting Going with A Solution

Before transitioning entirely to being a web-based application, Trippus was based on a native app. They had gained enormous experience over the years, mainly from end users giving feedback and improving it over time. They had staff from several departments involved in the design, development, and testing—project managers, designers, and developers.

It took them a couple of months in total to develop their application. The process of developing and integrating the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK went smoothly. Due to a very well-designed SDK, the Dynamsoft barcode reader part took approximately two days only. Trippus only had to implement it and configure it to their needs.

Ultimately, they settled on implementing barcode scanning within their Trippus Check-In and Trippus Exhibitor Lead Scan. This empowered their users to reliably validate participants attending the events or gather their contact information.

Benefits Realized

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK helped Trippus build a robust application to achieve its goals. They now have two primary end users who are using the barcode reader. The first is the businesses that organize events, and the second is exhibitors at said events.

The event organizers utilized the barcode reader to grant participants access to the event. The exhibitors were able to obtain contact information on potential leads that they'd spoken to during the event. The benefits provided by using Dynamosoft’s SDK are distinct. It was user-friendly and applicable to many of their client’s events. Eventually, easing things also provides a great sense of professionalism.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK is a software development kit (SDK) that helps developers efficiently build enterprise-grade 1D and 2D barcode reading functionality in a web, desktop, or mobile application. The developers need to write just a few lines of code. This eliminates the time needed for development, testing, and extra resource costs. It is available for multiple platforms including JavaScript, C and C++, .NET, Python, Java, Android, and iOS.

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