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U Mobile Enables Convenient and Fast User Self-Registration with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

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Key Requirements

  • Compatibility with React Native codes


U Mobile is a data-centric and award-winning telecommunications company operating in Malaysia as the youngest full-fledged telco in Malaysia, U Mobile has grown from strength to strength due to their range of innovative and affordable products and services, as well as their commitment to quality network experience. As of June 2023, the telco has over 9000 4G network sites across Malaysia and over 8.5 million subscribers.

In addition, U Mobile has a dedicated and comprehensive digital and financial services ecosystem that consists of an e-wallet called GoPayz, and a payment acceptance solution called GoBiz which caters to businesses big and small.

U Mobile has also won distinguished accolades – the telco is a five-time winner of Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Malaysian Mobile Services Company of the Year. In 2023, they also won Gold in the Communication Networks category of the Putra Aria Brand Awards; the awards recognize. the preferred choices of Malaysian consumers.


U Mobile partnered with Dynamsoft to develop a barcode scanning solution for their MyUMobile app. They needed a built-in barcode scanner for their prepaid users to scan the barcode on the U Prepaid Starter Pack and their ID card to complete the self-registration process. With the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, U Mobile was able to provide a better customer experience to their prepaid users, thanks to the convenience of self-registration.

Technical Requirements

U Mobile wanted to incorporate barcode scanning capabilities into their MyUMobile app . The main goal of the barcode scanning application was to enable new prepaid users to scan the barcode on the U Prepaid Starter Pack and perform self-registration. The application would allow customers to scan the starter pack, provide their ID card, and take a selfie to complete the registration. After several SDK trials, U Mobile concluded that Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK was best suited for their needs. The fast-scanning capability and the high reading accuracy of the SDK helped U Mobile to easily embed the key features into their MyUMobile app. They were also impressed with the technical support the Dynamsoft team provided.

Getting Going With The Solution

Around five people from the marketing, innovations, and technology teams at U Mobile were involved in the development. During development, compatibility issues arose between the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK and their React native codes.

However, U Mobile was able to troubleshoot these issues with prompt assistance from Dynamsoft’s award-winning customer support team. In addition, they received multi-channel support via email, chat, and calls, which immensely helped them.

Eventually, Dynamsoft and U Mobile were able to work through these issues together and develop the application in six months.

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Benefits Realized

With the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, U Mobile is now equipped with a fast and accurate barcode scanner to cater to its users. New prepaid users can now quickly scan the U Prepaid Starter Pack barcode and their IDs to complete their registration process. This also eliminates the hassle for the users to carry physical documents to U Mobile’s physical outlets to complete the registration process.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is a commercial-grade barcode scanning solution that allows developers to embed barcode reading functionalities in their web, desktop, or mobile application.

All they need to do is just a few lines of code and create a robust and reliable barcode scanner. The SDK supports common platforms: Android, iOS, JavaScript, Linux, and Windows. It is also capable of scanning most 1D and 2D barcode symbols.

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