The industry standard for BCBP (Bar Coded Boarding Pass) set out by IATA (International Air Transport Association) must include a two-dimensional (2D) bar code presented on the document. The information encoded contains the passenger name, flight number, cabin class, and etc..

Depending on the airline, whether it was a boarding pass printed at home, at a kiosk, or mobile boarding pass, the 2D barcode could be a PDF417 code, Aztec code, DataMatrix Code or a QR Code.


In addition to readily scanning boarding passes at check-in and bag drop off handling, the boarding pass barcode could also be utilized to streamline many processes to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Self-checkout at duty-free shops

Ensure passengers stay within the tobacco and alcohol duty-free allowance of their destination while using self-checkout.

Instant access to self-scanning lounges

Reduce wait time and improve passenger satisfaction with speedy lounge self check-in.

Access wifi with self-scanning

Unlock airport premium wifi service instantly. No more manually entered SMS or email verification codes.

Streamline Airport Workflows with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

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Why Choose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK?

Scan Damaged Boarding Passes

Scan Damaged Boarding Passes

Whether the passenger's boarding pass is crumbled, ripped, or presented on a glaring mobile screen, we can scan them all.

Eliminate Long Lineups

Eliminate Long Lineups

Sending a passenger on a wrong flight is a disaster, but slowing the line is a less desirable situation that won’t happen with our fast 500 barcode per minute high-speed scanner.

Incomparable Reading Rate and Accuracy

Incomparable Reading Rate and Accuracy

With an astonishing 34.9% more barcodes recognized than the industry's 2nd best, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK beats 6 QR Code libraries and ranks 1st for best recognition rate.

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