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DDM Technology Integrates Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for its Document Capture Process Within its DDM SAP Cloud Application

DDM Technology




Dynamsoft Barcode Reader


SAP Integration, 1D Barcoding

Key Requirements

  • Integrate with SAP
  • High Speed Barcode Reading
  • Reduced Barcode Scan Error Rates
  • Support High Usage in the Cloud


DDM Technology (also known just as “DDM”), based in Italy, provides its DDM document management add-on for SAP applications. It is used by hundreds of customers daily. The team sought to migrate fully to the cloud and integrate barcode scanning with higher speeds and accuracy.

After some research, the team found and adopted Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. The drop-in SDK integrated seamlessly. It provided the high speed and accuracy required and has improved workflow efficiencies while reducing application costs.

The Company

Located in Padua, Italy, DDM focuses on developing its DDM add-on for SAP applications. It is SAP certified and integrated with SAP S/4HANA. The document management add-on feature set is driven by SAP business processes. Customers that use it vary across many industry sectors like ceramics, food-and-beverage, engineering, pharmaceutical, mechanics, fashion, IT, and more. The company has around 20 employees.

More specifically, DDM delivers end-to-end document management capabilities that include digital document archive, storage and document management workflows, collaborative business processes, and much more. Various document management capabilities are provided, like active and passive cycling of documents, approval workflows, signature integration, active and passive invoicing, finance automation, and mobile web access. Learn more at

A Technology Need

DDM Technology’s application is constantly used for managing documents, above all invoices and transport documents. There are approximately 400 users each day across 60 or more organizations.

The DDM team was asked by customers to provide a web application that helped users register and upload documents using its DDM add-on. This would include improving the reading of barcodes applied on paper documents. The typical steps for a user would include a login. Then they could scan paper documents. This is facilitated with an automatic upload feature to the web application. At this point, the barcodes could be read. Finally, they would be uploaded with DDM for SAP Applications.

The new feature would speed up the process of document registrations. It would also inherently make the application more user-friendly. So, the first step was to update the previous system to consist of new IT web technologies. The previous system used an old OCR library and was a desktop application. Now the team sought to implement it as a cloud solution. This would improve overall performance, accessibility, and maintainability of the application.


Four team members were involved with the design and realization of the application. Team members were made up from research and development. This includes two full stack SAP developers and two full stack web developers. As mentioned, the key features they sought to ensure in the application included creating a web-based solution that would reduce the error rate of barcode reading. In turn, this would speed up workflow processes.

For the barcode reader, the team understood it would save time and resource by finding an off-the-shelf solution. They tried many solutions and ultimately came upon Dynamsoft. Dynamsoft was the best for their solution, offering the most precision and the lowest barcode scan error rate.

DDM also chose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK because it was the most compliant with their application. The team truly appreciated its simpleness and adaptability. The barcode reading process integration was done completely from the server side. The team used a PHP Wrapper provided by Dynamsoft. This enabled the application to manage the background process concerning the reading of a massive quantity of barcodes. This overall integration of the Dynamsoft SDK and the stack of technologies was very easy.

It took four months to get the application developed. The team continually works to improve the cloud application, but it has already simplified things for users and has sped application use. Overall, this has improved user efficiency and brought upon costs savings. The main goals for the application were achieved.

"We chose Dynamsoft because they provide a solution in their Barcode Reader SDK that is the most compliant with our application,” said Andrea Menegazzo, Web Developer, DDM. “We really appreciate its simplicity and adaptability. Most important, it provided the high speed and reliability we needed to deliver in our application."

Success Achieved

DDM was able to realize cost savings by using the Dynamsoft SDK. They also saved a lot of development time since Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is practically a drop-in solution.

In addition, the application saw other benefits realized like the high reading speed of barcodes. This occurs with extreme precision, even in cases where somewhat damaged barcodes exist. DDM is also happy to rely on Dynamsoft’s always available helpdesk to support their developers if needed. They are also happy with the continuous updates Dynamsoft delivers.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader is a software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to efficiently embed enterprise-grade 1D and 2D barcode reading functionality in a web, desktop, or mobile application. It requires using just a few lines of code. This eliminates months of added development time and spares extra resource costs. It is available for use on platforms including, JavaScript, C and C++, .NET, Python, Java, Android, and iOS.

The team found Dynamsoft’s SDK simple to use and implement were able to complete the implementation without having to leverage their technical support team. The entire implementation process took less than two weeks to implement and be ready for use.

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