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Barcode with Shadow

Issue: It’s very common that an image taken may present some shadows. The barcode area with uneven lighting is a very challenging decoding situation that many scanners fail to read.

Solution: Dynamsoft Barcode Reader provides an adaptive binarization mode BM_LOCAL_BLOCK which caters to different lighting areas in the image in order to successfully decode these challenging barcodes.

JSON Template:

  "ImageParameter" : {
    "BinarizationModes": [
        "BlockSizeX": 0,
        "BlockSizeY": 0,
        "EnableFillBinaryVacancy": 1,
        "ImagePreprocessingModesIndex": -1,
        "LibraryFileName": "",
        "LibraryParameters": "",
        "Mode": "BM_LOCAL_BLOCK",
        "ThresholdCompensation": 10
    "Name": "Settings"
  "Version" : "3.0"


Binarized image produced by Dynamsoft Barcode Reader:

Template for Dynamsoft Barcode Reader:

JavaScript Code Snippet to Use the Template:

Low light
Uneven lighting
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