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Scan Barcode Off Screen

Issue: When you scan a barcode displayed on a flat-screen TV, a mobile phone, LCD or LED screens, the image contains roughly parallel dark and light bands superimposed, called the moiré pattern. The interfering pattern makes decoding the barcode very challenging.

Solution: Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK provides an image processing step to remove the moiré texture and would quickly decode the barcode.

JSON Template:

  "ImageParameter" : {
    "TextureDetectionModes": [
        "LibraryFileName": "",
        "LibraryParameters": "",
        "Sensitivity": 5
    "Name": "Settings"
  "Version" : "3.0"


Binarized image produced by Dynamsoft Barcode Reader:

Template for Dynamsoft Barcode Reader:

JavaScript Code Snippet to Use the Template:

Rich texture
Good quality
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