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Code39 Extended with Zero-Margin


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is sometimes accompanied with a code 39 extended barcode underneath. The placement is usually very tight and close to the series of digits resulting in a barcode with zero upper and lower margin. Many barcode scanners fail to read such barcodes.


Dynamsoft offers many barcode localization methods catering to different usage scenarios. The Lines localization method localizes barcodes by searching for groups of lines. This is optimized for 1D and PDF417 barcodes which is suitable for identifying barcodes with little margin.

JSON Template:

  "ImageParameter": {
    "LocalizationModes": [
        "LibraryFileName": "",
        "LibraryParameters": "",
        "Mode": "LM_LINES"
    "Description": "",
    "Name": "Settings",
    "Timeout": 99999
  "Version": "3.0"


Binarized image produced by Dynamsoft Barcode Reader:

Template for Dynamsoft Barcode Reader:

JavaScript Code Snippet to Use the Template:


Image Source:


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