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BarcodeComplementModes determines how to complement the missing parts of a barcode. It consists of one or more modes, each mode is an implement to complement the barcode.

Value Type Value Range Default Value Template Structure Type
int / EnumBarcodeComplementMode N/A BCM_SKIP ImageParameter/FormatSpecification

Candidate Mode List



Complements the barcode using the general algorithm. This mode has the following arguments for further customizing.


Lets the library choose a mode automatically. Not supported yet.

Setting Methods

As PublicRuntimeSettings Member

BarcodeComplementModes can be set dynamically during runtime as a member of FurtherModes, which is a member of PublicRuntimeSettings struct, it is an array with 8 BarcodeComplementMode Enumeration items.

Code Snippet in C++

//...other codes
PublicRuntimeSettings* pSettings = new PublicRuntimeSettings;
int errorCode = reader->GetRuntimeSettings(pSettings);
pSettings->barcodeComplementModes[0] = BCM_GENERAL;
delete pSettings;
//...other codes

GetModeArgument and SetModeArgument need to be called for getting and setting Arguments.

See Also

As JSON Parameter

BarcodeComplementModes as a JSON parameter is a JSON Object array. Each JSON object is defined as below.

Key Name Key Value Description
Mode Any one in Candidate Mode List as string (Required) Specifies a barcode complement mode.
LibraryFileName A string from value range of LibraryFileName (Optional) Sets the Argument LibraryFileName.
LibraryParameters A string from value range of LibraryParameters (Optional) Sets the Argument LibraryParameters.

JSON Parameter Example

    "BarcodeComplementModes": [
            "Mode": "BCM_GENERAL" 

Candidate Argument List


Sets the file name of the library to load dynamically.

Value Type Value Range Default Value Valid For
string A string value representing file name. ”” All modes

The library must be in the same place with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Library.


Sets the parameters passed to the library to load dynamically.

Value Type Value Range Default Value Valid For
string A string value representing parameters. ”” All modes

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