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Template Name Description
ReadBarcodes_Default The default template for DBR mobile editions.
ReadSingleBarcode The video streaming barcode scanning template for single barcode usage scenario.
ReadBarcodes_SpeedFirst The video streaming barcode scanning template for speed first usage scenario.
ReadBarcodes_ReadRateFirst The video streaming barcode scanning template for read-rate first usage scenario.

Parameter Parsing


Parameter ExpectedBarcodesCount is an int value that refers to how many barcodes you would like to decode from a single image or frame. The barcode reader will try to find as many barcodes as the ExpectedBarcodesCount number. Set the ExpectedBarcodesCount to 1 can maximize the processing speed of your program but limit the read rate at the same time.


Parameter BarcodeFormatIds is an int value that controls the recognizable barcode formats. The fewer formats you set, the higher speed your app will be.


The image/frame will be continuously scaled down until it is smaller than the ScaleDownThreshold. You can use this parameter to improve the processing speed but the read rate and accuracy will decline on decoding the small-module barcode.


The parameter Timeout controls the maximum time consumption on processing a single image/frame. For image decoding scenarios, you can set a longer Timeout to ensure the barcode reader decode as many barcodes as possible from the image. For video barcode decoding scenarios, not all video frame contains a barcode. You can reduce the Timeout to enable your barcode reader to quickly quit the video frames without a barcode. The Timeout parameter benefits the speed of barcode decoding but might reduce the read rate.


The DeblurModes parameter enables the barcode reader to try different algorithms on processing the blurry barcodes. This parameter will benefit the read rate but reduce the processing speed.

Other Settings

Set Scan Region

Configuring the scan region via CameraEnhancer method setScanRegion can further improve the barcode decoding speed. The video frames will be cropped based on the scanRegion setting before they are processed by the barcode reader. The scanRegion setting benefits the processing speed but might reduce the read rate at the same time.


Reduce the Size of Scan Area

Multi-Frame Verification

When a barcode result has been decoded more than once within a short period of time, we can confirm it is a correct result and output it. However, if a barcode result has never been decoded a second time within a period of time, we consider it a misread result and discard it. You can enable the multi-frame verification to further improve the result accuracy via the method enableResultCrossVerification.

Frame Filter

Frame filter is one of the camera enhancer features. You can enable it via CameraEnhancer method enableEnhancedFeatures. The frame filter helps in filtering blurry video frames to improve the barcode decoding accuracy. It also improves the speed performance of low-end devices.

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