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C and C++ Struct

Struct Description
AztecDetails Stores the Aztec details.
Contour Stores the contour information.
DBRPoint Stores an x- and y-coordinate pair in two-dimensional space.
DataMatrixDetails Stores the DataMatrix details.
ExtendedResult Stores the extended result.
FrameDecodingParameters Defines a struct to configure the frame decoding Parameters.
FurtherModes Stores the FurtherModes.
ImageData Stores the image data.
InstancePoolStatus Stores the status of an instance pool.
IntermediateResult Stores the intermediate result.
IntermediateResultArray Stores the intermediate result array.
LineSegment Stores line segment data.
LocalizationResult Stores the localization result.
OneDCodeDetails Stores the OneD code details.
PDF417Details Stores the PDF417 details.
PublicRuntimeSettings Defines a struct to configure the barcode reading runtime settings.
QRCodeDetails Stores the QRCode details.
Quadrilateral Stores the quadrilateral.
RegionDefinition Stores the region information.
RegionOfInterest Stores the region of interest.
SamplingImageData Stores the sampling image data.
TextResult Stores the text result.
TextResultArray Stores the text result array.
DM_DLSConnectionParameters Deprecated
DM_LTSConnectionParameters Deprecated

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