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Introduction to Dynamsoft Capture Vision Parameters

Dynamsoft Capture Vision Architecture is designed to accommodate both entry-level needs and sophisticated business logic. While Capture Vision Router allows developers to get started with image-processing in their applications within hours, the Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) parameters are what make it possible for the applications to be able to handle all sorts of image-processing scenarios without changing the code much.

Simply put, DCV parameters are used to configure how different functional products work in the Dynamsoft Capture Vision architecture.

These docs help you learn and use the DCV parameters.

Parameter File

File Overview

The following topics are covered in the Parameter File Overview:

Topic Description
Organization of a Parameter Template File. A template file contains one or multiple templates.
Structure of a Parameter Template. A template is a predefined configuration of parameters.
How to Apply DCV Parameters. This topic discusses how to interact with DCV to import or update templates.
Special Rules for DCV Parameter Configuration. This topic talks about special rules to note when defining templates.

File Component Objects

Each of the objects that make up a Parameter File is introduced in detail:

Item Name Corresponding Object in a Parameter File
CaptureVisionTemplate. CaptureVisionTemplates
ImageSource. ImageSourceOptions
TargetROIDefinition TargetROIDefOptions
SemanticProcessingDefinition SemanticProcessingOptions
BarcodeReaderTaskSetting BarcodeReaderTaskSettingOptions
DocumentNormalizerTaskSetting DocumentNormalizerTaskSettingOptions
LabelRecognizerTaskSetting LabelRecognizerTaskSettingOptions
CodeParserTaskSetting CodeParserTaskSettingOptions
ImageParameter ImageParameterOptions
BarcodeFormatSpecification BarcodeFormatSpecificationOptions
TextLineSpecification TextLineSpecificationOptions
CharacterModel CharacterModelOptions
GlobalParameter GlobalParameter

Parameter Reference

Parameters that make up the items mentioned in File Component Objects are explained in details in the reference pages. Check out the reference index for a full list of parameters.

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