Dynamsoft Adds OCR for Its Document Processing Tool

Do Image Capturing, Editing, OCR, Barcode & Uploading in the Same Solution

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - Jun 12, 2012)

Dynamsoft, the leading provider of version control software and TWAIN SDK, announced an add-on for its document processing tool Dynamic .NET TWAIN -- Dynamic OCR Add-on. The detachable add-on, which supports over 40 languages and hand-written contents, allows you to convert images to searchable PDF files.

In businesses nowadays, it's a very common solution to get a digital copy for your documents, such as contracts, invoices, and books. Dynamic .NET TWAIN helps you do these tasks including image editing and uploading with efficiency.

The OCR add-on even perfects the whole document-digital conversion process. By introducing the advanced techniques, Dynamic OCR Add-on neatly handles the image layout, text font, color and size. The effect from spots and artifacts on the image background is reduced to the minimum. These significantly increase the accuracy of text conversion. On top of that, the add-on uses multi-thread processing to speed up the OCR process.

Amjad commented after evaluating OCR Add-on beta for his documents in Arabic, "It is fantastic. And this is very good in comparison to other highly priced similar products. It is extremely stable. The image over text feature also is amazing."

From the initial scanning solution, to add-ons including 1D&2D Barcode, Annotation, Webcam, and then the OCR add-on, the teams from Dynamsoft are doing their best to make Dynamic .NET TWAIN stronger. If you are interested in the SDK, you can download the 30-day free trial online.

About Dynamsoft

Being an associate member of TWAIN Working Group, Dynamsoft not only has early access to the latest TWAIN standard, but also contributes to the TWAIN standard by proposing and voting for changes.

Every year, thousands of customers turn to Dynamsoft for world leading version control solution and TWAIN SDKs. Dynamsoft version control tools are used globally by thousands of developers including Apple, EMC, Fujitsu, GE, HP, 3M, H&R Block, IBM, InfoSys, Intel, Olympus, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Samsung, Siemens, Symantec, Philips, Verizon, Unisys and others.

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