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HTG created a web-scanning component to link proof of delivery to specific customers with Dynamsoft’s document scanning SDK



Transport and Logistics


Dynamic Web TWAIN, Barcode Reader Add-on


Document Scanning, JavaScript

Key Requirements

  • Have a web-scanning component to link proof of delivery to specific customers.
  • Provide customers with a fast, accurate and reliable solution.
  • Save time by implementing a secure, tested and running SDK.


Based in Turin, Italy, HTG are pioneer IT consultants for the transport industry. They started as a hardware consultancy firm 30 years ago and have transformed from a consultant to now being a major software provider for the transport industry. As HTG is associated with many clients, they needed to move to a more profound document management system. A new design would assign and recognize a barcode to link proof of delivery to a specific customer for their clients.

They wanted a solution that reduces paperwork and is easy to implement. They also did not want to code an application from scratch as they wanted to avoid coding each specialized component from scratch like most software developers. After a quick benchmark study, HTG found Dynamsoft’s Web TWAIN SDK as the ideal solution for the document capture component. It was the most reliable SDK in the market to save time, effort and cost while increasing productivity in the long run.

The Company

HTG was established in 1989 in Italy with the motive of helping organizations select ideal IT hardware for the transport industry. This might include technology like AI, telephone assistance and backup systems. They started as a simple hardware consultant and have successfully evolved into a one-stop software solution provider for transport companies across the globe.

With an impressive national clientele, HTG is credited with inventing the parcel label with globally accepted shipment routing parameters. Today, HTG has become a transport industry powerhouse. The company helps multiple businesses in the transport industry to streamline their operational and functional business processes with the ideal software.

Technology pioneers in the transport industry

Driving national and global clientele since 1989

Hundreds of documents scanned and processed daily

A Technology Need

Transport companies associated with HTG process around 10,000-15,000 documents monthly. This requires HTG to deal with approximately 300 users on their application daily. So, HTG wanted to avoid the inefficiencies of tedious paperwork and go paperless. The Italian laws, however, did not allow businesses to go completely paperless. For examples, transport companies still needed receivers to physically sign for proof of delivery (POD).

Recognizing and associating the POD with correct consignment numbers is also an essential aspect of the transport management system. This took a lot of time as businesses had to manually record and verify these consignment numbers accurately. Thus, HTG needed a technology to skip the tedious manual effort and promote accuracy.

A document scanning SDK was the simplest and most reliable solution to develop software for linking the POD to a specific customer. The software needed to capture the signed documents with barcodes from the scanner and then verify whether the barcodes have been recognized correctly. HTG found Dynamsoft to have a perfect solution.

Getting Going with A Solution

Dynamsoft worked primarily with Francesco Rivola, the project manager at HTG, after discussions, Rivola decided to implement Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. The simple web document scanning SDK was ideal to fulfil HTG’s prime goal of linking the POD to specific customers. Using Dynamsoft was an easy decision as the SDK directly interacted with the software inside the transport management system (TMS).

After implementing the SDK the process was streamlined. Documents were scanned to assign and recognize the barcode from the delivery note in the TMS. It then sends the consignment info to a specific server in PDF form and the shipment is automatically considered as consigned. This helped speed up the process, with enhanced accuracy and automatic verification.

In addition to providing high reliability, the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK also enabled HTG to save a considerable amount of time and manpower on the implementation. As the software has been successfully running over the last decade, deploying it was super easy for the team at HTG. They only had to perform a few steps manually to enable the system to find barcodes and recognise how and where to get the right information.

So, HTG were able to find the ideal SDK that integrated with their TMS within 2 months. The integration required the help of only two team members. HTG had an increasing digital footprint. Furthermore, COVID restrictions were affecting the transport industry. This effortless movement from a legacy windows program to a versatile web application was the need of the hour.

"Dynamic Web TWAIN is fast, agile, reliable, easy to use, affordable, versatile and takes minimum effort to be deployed. These are exactly all the things HTG needed to get ahead in an evolving digital workspace."

- Francesco Rivola, Project Manager, HTG

About Dynamic Web TWAIN

Briefly, Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN is an enterprise-grade reliable browser-based document scanning SDK. It is specifically designed for web applications, and the company also offers an SDK for desktop applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, a developer can implement an application to scan documents via any common web browser. The SDK also has built-in support for image editing features like rotate, crop, mirror, contrast, brightness, and more. Users can export or upload various popular file formats and use common transfer protocols to save captures to local or network repositories.

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