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Release Notes for Dynamsoft Document Normalizer JavaScript SDK

2.2.10 (04/09/2024)


  • Updated the template system
    • Added StringLengthRange for TextDetectionMode.
    • Added ReferenceTaskNameArray under Location.ReferenceObjectFilter to filter the reference objects generated by the task name.
    • Added the support of the OutputTaskSetting definition. The following sub-parameters are available in OutputTaskSetting object:
      • OutputCondition
      • TaskResultArray
      • TargetROIDefName
      • TaskSettingNameArray
      • BackwardReferenceOutput
      • ReferenceTaskNameArray
      • ReferenceResultTypeArray
      • Operator
    • Offset parameter is optimized.
      • Added ReferenceObjectType to specify whether the reference object is an atomic object or the whole image.
      • Added ReferenceXAxis & ReferenceYAxis to define the X & Y axis.
      • Modified FirstPoint, SecondPoint, ThirdPoint & FourthPoint. You can specify whether the X or Y coordinate of the point is measured by percentage.
      • Deprecated ReferenceObjectSize Type.
  • Added the following new error codes
  • Added ObservationParameters interface for allowing the configuration of intermediate result observation.
  • Added a new call back function onShortLinesUnitReceived to the IntermediateResultReceiver class.
  • Added a new supported image pixel format, binary 8 inverted. The corresponding enumeration member is added to the EnumImagePixelFormat.
  • Added a new property documentSettings to struct SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings. The corresponding struct SimplifiedDocumentNormalizerSettings is added to store the documentSettings.
  • Update MultiFrameResultCrossFilter class to allow string type for resultItemType.
  • Update TextZonesUnit interface, now using TextZone interface to record text zone data.
  • Update the property name from quadsResultItems to detectedQuadResultItems under interface DetectedQuadsResult.

Breaking Changes

  • The interface CapturedResult is migrated from DynamsoftCore module to DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouter module.
  • Changed the logic of the capturedResultItemTypes setting of SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings:
    • If the result item types don’t match the specified template, the method updateSettings will return the error code EC_PARAMETER_VALUE_INVALID with the message “The captured result item types do not match the task configurations in the template”.
    • Based on the capturedResultItemTypes setting, the irrelevant tasks will be removed from the template.
    • The capturedResultItemTypes should include at least one of the CRIT_BARCODE, CRIT_TEXT_LINE, CRIT_DETECTED_QUAD, CRIT_NORMALIZED_IMAGE. Otherwise, the method updateSettings will return the error code EC_PARAMETER_VALUE_INVALID with the message “The captured result item types should contain at least one task result type”.
  • Refactored the Contour interface. Please view API reference - Contour interface for more information.


  • Security update for DynamsoftDocumentNormalizer library and other corresponding libraries.


  • Fix the issue of camera not opening in iOS 17.4.

2.0.21 (01/19/2024)


  • Fixed a type error bug encountered when utilizing CapturedResultReceiver or CapturedResultFilter in a TypeScript environment.

2.0.20 (01/11/2024)


  • Added the following preset templates.
    • Default
    • ReadBarcodes_Default
    • ReadSingleBarcode
    • ReadBarcodes_SpeedFirst
    • ReadBarcodes_ReadRateFirst
    • ReadBarcodes_Balance
    • ReadDenseBarcodes
    • ReadDistantBarcodes
    • DetectDocumentBoundaries_Default
    • DetectAndNormalizeDocument_Default
    • NormalizeDocument_Default
    • RecognizeTextLines_Default
    • RecognizeNumbers
    • RecognizeLetters
    • RecognizeNumbersAndLetters
    • RecognizeNumbersAndUppercaseLetters
    • RecognizeUppercaseLetters
  • Added the following static methods and properties in CoreModule Class.
    • CoreModule.detectEnvironment()
    • CoreModule.onWarning
    • CoreModule.engineResourcePaths
    • CoreModule.loadWasm()
    • CoreModule.loadModel()
    • CoreModule.enableLogging()
    • CoreModule.disableLogging()
  • Added the property minImageCaptureInterval in SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings.


  • Removed the class IntermediateResultManager in Core module. The substitute is the same class on the CaptureVisionRouter module.
  • Removed the interface CapturedResultReceiver in Core module. The substitute is the same interface on the CaptureVisionRouter module.
  • Removed the interface IntermediateResultReceiver in Core module. The substitute is the same interface on the CaptureVisionRouter module.
  • Removed the static property engineResourcePath in CaptureVisionRouter module. The substitute is CoreModule.engineResourcePaths.
  • Removed the static method detectEnvironment() in CaptureVisionRouter module. The substitute is CoreModule.detectEnvironment().
  • Removed the static property onWarning in CaptureVisionRouter module. The substitute is CoreModule.onWarning.
  • Removed the static method preLoadModule() in CaptureVisionRouter module. The substitute is CoreModule.loadWasm().
  • Removed the static method isModuleLoaded() in CaptureVisionRouter module.

2.0.11 (08/24/2023)


In this version, the DynamsoftDocumentNormalizer SDK has been refactored under the DynamsoftCaptureVision (DCV) architecture. To learn more about the architecture, please see Architecture of Dynamsoft Capture Vision. The following highlights the major changes:

  • The class DocumentNormalizer is removed and its functionalities are now incorporated into the newly added Class CaptureVisionRouter. Old APIs can be migrated according to the following mappings:
v1.x API v2.x API
class Dynamsoft.DDN.DocumentNormalizer class Dynamsoft.CVR.CaptureVisionRouter
setImageSource() setInput()
startScanning() startCapturing()
stopScanning() stopCapturing()
getRuntimeSettings() getSimplifiedSettings()
setRuntimeSettings() updateSettings()
resetRuntimeSettings() resetSettings()

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