Purchasing FAQs

  • 1. How flexible is your licensing model?

    Very flexible. We are ready to provide you with any customized licensing model that best fit in your business requirement.

  • 2. Is internet connectivity required to use a license?

    Not mandatory.

    By default, your license needs to connect to a license server for license registration, but the license server can be hosted inside your local environment which means only intranet connection would be needed. We also provide 100% offline license option upon request. Please feel free to discuss with us.

  • 3. Does Dynamsoft collect any personal data while using the SDK license?

    No. Our SDK does NOT collect any personal or sensitive data from the device running our SDK. 

    Adding our SDKs to your applications will not impact your compliance to GDPR or HIPAA.

  • 4. Is Support and Maintenance included in your price? How much is it to renew it?

    Yes. All prices include 12 months of Support and Maintenance.

    If you are on a yearly subscription, there is no additional cost on Support and Maintenance except for the annual license fee.

    If you use a lifetime/perpetual license, it costs 20% of license fee for 1-year renewal of your Support and Maintenance contract. Discounts are available if you renew upfront for multiple years.

  • 5. Do you offer lifetime/perpetual licenses?  


    If you would like lifetime licensing options (instead of the default Annual licensing), please contact us for a quotation.

  • 6. Do I need to purchase a license for my dev or testing environment?

    For evaluation, you can use the 30-day free trial SDK provided by Dynamsoft.

    For temporary development and testing, you can contact support@dynamsoft.com or log into the customer portal to get a 15-day (max. 30 days) temporary license.

    For ongoing development and testing, you will need to purchase a license.

  • 7. Can I integrate your SDK into my commercial product and distribute it to my end customers?


    By signing an OEM agreement with Dynamsoft, you can resell our SDK with your commercial product to your end customers.

  • 8. Can I integrate your SDK into my hosted/SaaS service?


    By signing a hosting service agreement with Dynamsoft, you can provide our SDK feature as part of your hosting service to your end customers.

  • 9. Can I purchase through a local reseller? 

    Yes. To see if there is an authorized local reseller, please go to this page. If you can’t find an appropriate one from the list, you can contact your preferred local reseller and have them email reseller@dynamsoft.com for quick registration. The registration process takes 1 - 3 business days. Or, contact us so we can work it out.

  • 10. What is your discount policy?

    Education and non-profit discounts are available. Please send your info to sales@dynamsoft.com to see if you are qualified.

    Discounts are also available for large quantity purchases or licenses for non-production use. Please contact us.

  • 11. What's your refund policy?
    • All purchases are governed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee policy.

    • If you are not completely satisfied, you may request a full refund by sending an e-mail to sales@dynamsoft.com within 30 days of purchasing a license.