Barcoding and Sample Tracking

Dynamsoft Panorama™ is an enhanced module of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. It stitches video frames into one panoramic view with all of your barcodes. This groundbreaking proprietary technology provides complete coverage of the sample tray and detailed information with batch barcode scanning capabilities.

batch barcode scanning

Automates Sample Tracking

Industry's first-ever proprietary technology for efficient batch barcode scanning.

Scans 150 Cassettes in 20 Seconds

Scans 150 Cassettes in 30 Seconds or Less

Bulk scan hundreds of barcodes from cassettes & magazines in one go, resulting in significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Accurate Documentation

Enables Accurate Documentation

Scan and track unique barcodes for hundreds to tens of thousands of samples in your lab and retrieve their accurate information.

Experience Automated Batch Sample Tracking

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Advanced Histology Specimen Tracking Features

Barcode Pattern Recognition

It analyzes the layout patterns of barcode regions as a safety net in the occasional situations where the barcode localization fails.

Barcode Context Awareness

Dynamsoft Panorama does not only return the barcode values and positions but also its context. For example, the background color. This enables the research technicians to know what type of samples or tissues are at a glance. No barcodes detected in a recognized colored region will be marked for further investigation.

Scan Damaged Barcodes

Recognize and scan even the most challenging barcodes such as curved barcodes on test tubes, smudged barcodes, or tiny barcodes on container caps.

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