Adea Selects Dynamsoft SaaS Application to Integrate With CaseBridge for Distributed Development

SourceAnywhere Hosted Provides Software Versioning and Source Control for Unique, Highly Customized and Integrated Deployment of Field Tax Collection Application

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - December 19, 2007)

Dynamsoft Corporation today announced Adea, Inc., a systems development and integration leader, has implemented SourceAnywhere Hosted. Adea required a reliable and fast version control system which could integrate well with Microsoft Visual Studio and selected SourceAnywhere Hosted, Dynamsoft's Software as a Service (SaaS) application which provides SourceSafe style version control capabilities.

CaseBridge is the mobile framework allowing state government revenue departments the ability to make their field tax collection more productive and increase revenue. Implementing CaseBridge requires a varying degree of customization and integration development based on the agency's requirements, supporting systems and infrastructure. Because each deployment is significantly different on an agency by agency level, Adea needed assistance with software version control to help support CaseBridge long term in each unique deployment.

"The speed of our existing source control system was certainly the real barrier in our distributed development environment. There were times, if we had a critical project date to meet, we would fly everybody to the same city in order that they work side by side on a local network. That was the only way we could eliminate the speed bottleneck of our source control system when we were doing high volume check in and check out of files," revealed Steve Hall, U.S. Regional Director of Professional Services at Adea, Inc. "Working with slow source control systems is a process deterrent. We no longer face the long lag-times of refreshing our code base. We are working with the most recent version of each module which eliminates code conflicts and speeds development."

Prior to using SourceAnywhere Hosted, the Adea development team found downloading the existing code base to a fresh machine through a remote connection could involve up to four hours. Since implementing the tool, the team can bring up a new development environment in about 10-15 minutes or less. Another benefit experienced since implementing SourceAnywhere Hosted is that check-in and check-out time drains have drastically shortened.

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, which is delivered over the Internet as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application offers SourceSafe style version control capabilities for development teams. The SaaS delivery model offers unique advantages for development teams from simplified IT infrastructure to lowering total cost of ownership and increasing cost predictability. SourceAnywhere Hosted is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005 technologies and Dynamsoft's powerful core. Resembling the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) user interface, SourceAnywhere Hosted eases the transition to the highly reliable SaaS delivery model and scales to deliver high performance regardless of the size of development team.

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