Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Heightens Security for SaaS Applications

Superior Intellectual Property Protection Creates Peace of Mind for Data Hosting Customers; Dynamsoft Tailors Hosting Environment Offering for Any Size Business

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - November 6, 2007)

Dynamsoft Corporation today announced SourceAnywhere Hosted, a hosted version control tool delivered over the Internet as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, now incorporates superior security features to guard externally hosted data. Source Anywhere Hosted includes added flexibility and is now 100 percent compatible with Source Anywhere Standalone, which allows customers to migrate between the two products.

With any SaaS application, security is the main issue customers are concerned about when data is no longer hosted on the company's server. However, security becomes even more critical when intellectual property, such as source code, is hosted externally.

"As a software development company ourselves, Dynamsoft fully understands the importance of source code security, and that's why SourceAnywhere Hosted is designed to operate at a level of security difficult for most in-house operations to match," said Amy Gu, vice president, Dynamsoft.

To further increase security, users are able to encrypt their database and protect it with a personally selected password only the customer knows. Moreover, SourceAnywhere Hosted uses Blowfish encryption to ensure the security of data during caching. With SourceAnywhere Hosted, each customer's data is stored in an independent and dedicated database which is isolated from other customers.

Additionally, SourceAnywhere Hosted offers features such as 128-bit SSL encryption provide data protection over the Internet and an industry standard approach of password policy further safeguards against security threats.

The new version of Source Anywhere Standalone also features enhanced SSL encryption security, as well as a new web deploy function allowing users to deploy web files to ftp servers.

Source Anywhere Standalone and SourceAnywhere Hosted are based on Microsoft® Windows Server® and SQL Server 2005 technologies and incorporates Dynamsoft's powerful core. Both tools are optimized for LAN and remote users. In addition, the GUI is similar to Visual SourceSafe (VSS) making migration easy for current SourceSafe users.

Pricing and Availability

While the hosting plan price range is unchanged from the Free Plan to the $28 (US) per user per month Enterprise Plan, now customers can select from more custom sizes which include the Developer Plan ($6 US/user/month) and Team or Web Team Plan (each $14 US/user/month). There is also an option to provide customers with a discount of more than 65 percent off the regular price of the Enterprise plan in exchange for posting a "Powered by SourceAnywhere" image on the customer's website.

For more information about these or other products, please contact sales@dynamsoft.com or visit https://www.dynamsoft.com/Products/SAWHosted_Plan.aspx and https://www.dynamsoft.com/Products/SourceAnywhere-Hosting-Version-Control-Source-Control.aspx.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

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