A .NET Component that Captures Images from Scanners & Webcams
in WinForm and WPF App

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Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a document imaging SDK based on the 2.0/4.0 version of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Optimized for use in C# and VB .NET, it provides rich APIs for scanner and webcam software development.

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How it Works?

With Dynamic .NET TWAIN, you can fully control:

Scanners and other TWAIN compliant devices, including digital cameras and capture cards.

USB Video device Class (UVC) and WIA compliant webcams. You can also use the SDK to capture images and display live streams from a webcam.

scanner webcam

Why Dynamic .NET TWAIN?

Dynamsoft is an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group, which defines the TWAIN standard. It is also a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft.

Dynamsoft imaging SDKs are chosen by governments and many Fortune 500 Companies.
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TWAIN Working Group Associate Member Mirsoft Gold Certified Partner

apple EMC GE  HP NASA IBM  Infosys

What our customers are saying

I actually purchased the .net twain sdk and was able to rapidly deploy a document imaging/management application practically in a couple of days.
I was on a very tight deadline to get this done and the thought of having to code a twain scanner app from a blank c# form was undesirable to say the least."

Robust Features

Capture, edit, and save images

Customizable scanning configurations including ADF, duplex, resolution, pixel type, and more are supported. After acquiring images and scanning documents, images can be edited, and then stored locally or uploaded. Both saving and uploading support PDF, TIFF, PNG, and other file formats. View full features list


Capture from scanners
and webcams


Edit: rotate, flip, scale,
crop, etc.


Upload to a web server or
save to a local disk

PDF Annotation, Barcode Recognition and OCR

PDF Annotation, 1D & 2D Barcode Reader and OCR add-ons are available for the processing of scanned documents and captured images.

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