Dynamic .NET TWAIN WPF Control

Embed TWAIN Scanning in your WPF App in C# or VB.NET

Key Features

  • A native TWAIN WPF control for easy scanner programming in your WPF application
  • WPF (.NET Framework V3.5 SP 1 and above) , AnyCPU, x86 and x64 mode supported
  • Scan documents from TWAIN compatible scanners, cameras and other peripherals
  • Load and view existing images (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF) from local disk
  • Customizable scanning settings including ADF or flatbed scanning, user interface display, resolution, brightness, duplex and more.
  • Edit scanned images, including Rotate, Flip, Mirror, Crop, Erase, and etc.
  • Save images as JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or PDF to local disk, remote server or database. Multi-page TIFF and PDF are also supported.
  • Multiple imaging add-ons available for webcam capture, barcode writing and reading, OCR and PDF rasterizing and annotation.

Try WPF TWAIN Scanning Samples

Try WPF TWAIN Scanning Samples

TWAIN Scanning Code Snippet (C#)

// select a TWAIN scanner for document scanning
// set whether to show the user interface of the scanner
m_TwainManager.IfShowUI = ckbShowUI.IsChecked.Value;
// scan from auto feeder or flatbed
m_TwainManager.IfFeederEnabled = ckbADF.IsChecked.Value;
// set whether to do duplex scanning
m_TwainManager.IfDuplexEnabled = ckbDuplex.IsChecked.Value;
m_TwainManager.AcquireImage(this as IAcquireCallback);