Dynamic .NET TWAIN WinForms Control

TWAIN and Webcam SDK for WinForms App in C# or VB.NET

Key Features

  • Scan documents or capture images from TWAIN compatible scanners, cameras and more
  • Capture images from DirectShow webcams
  • Load existing images and various types of PDF files from local disk
  • Add PDF annotations
  • Read and write 1D & 2D barcodes
  • OCR
  • Save images as JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or PDF to local disk, remote server or database. Multi-page TIFF and PDF are also supported.

Try our demo

Try our demo

TWAIN Scanning Code Snippet

// select a TWAIN scanner for document scanning
// set whether to show the user interface of the scanner   
m_TwainManager.IfShowUI = chkShowUI.Checked;
// scan from auto feeder or flatbed  
m_TwainManager.IfFeederEnabled = chkADF.Checked;
m_TwainManager.IfAutoFeed = chkADF.Checked;
// set whether to do duplex scanning    
m_TwainManager.IfDuplexEnabled = chkDuplex.Checked;
// disable the source after scan finished
m_TwainManager.IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire = true;
// set the pixel type of the image
if (rdbtnBW.Checked)
    m_TwainManager.PixelType = Dynamsoft.TWAIN.Enums.TWICapPixelType.TWPT_BW;
    m_TwainManager.BitDepth = 1;
else if (rdbtnGray.Checked)
    m_TwainManager.PixelType = Dynamsoft.TWAIN.Enums.TWICapPixelType.TWPT_GRAY;
    m_TwainManager.BitDepth = 8;
    m_TwainManager.PixelType = Dynamsoft.TWAIN.Enums.TWICapPixelType.TWPT_RGB;
    m_TwainManager.BitDepth = 24;
// set the resolution of the images
m_TwainManager.Resolution = int.Parse(cbxResolution.Text);
m_TwainManager.AcquireImage(this as IAcquireCallback);