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TWAIN ActiveX | Web Scanning Control | Scan SDK
  • There were other programs in our candidate list. However, only Dynamsoft offered both an ActiveX and Plug-in editions at a reasonable cost, as was the new Mac edition." explained James True, "Cost and licensing model was very important to us, as was the new Mac edition."

    -- James True, Cabinet NG.

    No worries on browser type

    • Compatible with Internet Explorer (32-bit & 64-bit) version 6 and above.
    • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari on Windows and Mac OS X.
    • Supports all popular 32-bit & 64-bit Windows Operating Systems on the client side, including Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, and 2008.
    • Supports Mac OS X 10.5 and above on the client side.
    • Compatible with all TWAIN compliant devices (32-bit & 64-bit), including scanners, digital cameras, capture cards, etc.
    Dynamic Web TWAIN Structure Diagram
  • With our small team, we could not have completed WebLink ID's development in a timely fashion if we tried to also develop our own image capture interface. So we turned to Dynamsoft for an image capture SDK and it helped us deliver our application to market far quicker than anticipated. Honestly, the SDK was a primary driver to achieving good time to market and other revenue opportunities sooner. "

    -- Kevin Freiburger, Director of Product Management, VALID USA

    Save time and money

    • Greatly reduced development time. The TWAIN 1.9 specification alone is 552 pages long. It could take months for you to get familiar with specification and build a TWAIN plugin from scratch. With Dynamic Web TWAIN, most applications can implement TWAIN support with no more than a few lines of code.
    • Browsers change quickly. The application is much easier to maintain by using Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK.
    • Even greater time savings. By tapping into Dynamsoft's TWAIN knowledge base via our Virtual Developer Service, the total time needed to build your scanning solution could be reduced from months to days.
    • Reduced product time to market. The speed of product delivery is very important.
  • The Dynamic Web TWAIN supports us in being able to allow our clients to scan and upload their documentation directly from our web solution. In fact we now have clients who simply plug in their iPhone, photograph their document and upload it directly. It is very quick and simple indeed."

    -- Edward Shropshire, Director, Aquarium Software Limited

    Improved customer experience

    • ActiveX Edition digitally signed by VeriSign.
    • Reduced web page load time. The size of the distribution file is around 1 MB, and only takes seconds to be downloaded and installed.
    • Reduced image upload time. Dynamic Wed TWAIN supports major compression methods including JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PNG.
    • Improved customer confidence. Absolutely no local file operations required.
    • Supports downloading and uploading via SSL channel.
    • Proxy connections supported, no need for customers to reconfigure their firewalls.