A Cutting-edge JavaScript SDK for Document Scanning and Management, Making Smart Document Scanners with AArch64/ARM64 Embedded Devices

ARM64 Document Scanning SDK

As an industry-leading scanner SDK, Dynamic Web TWAIN has been supporting Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile devices for many years. It adds support for embedded operating systems to revolutionize the document scanning industry. The SDK allows software developers to build web-based document scanning applications for desktop and embedded devices from a single codebase.


Raspberry Pi

Jetson Nano




OS Supported

Raspberry Pi


Usage Scenario

Using Jetson Nano/Raspberry Pi and scanner as an economical solution for document management in the office.


A team leader needs to purchase hardware and software to build the company’s document management system with a tight budget.

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He is considering Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi as the host machine, as these single-board computers are the most affordable.

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He searches the market for a corresponding document scanning SDK and eventually finds the only compatible solution is Dynamsoft’s ARM64 document scanning SDK.

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He is satisfied with the solution, which works perfectly with all SANE-compatible scanners and brings more efficiency and productivity to their teams’ work.

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