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Professional Service

Dynamsoft is devoted to making products as user-friendly as possible. In most cases, developers should be able to get started with the Dynamic Web TWAIN library in a very short time and integrate it into the workflow of their applications successfully within a matter of days. If any issues are met during the development process, the Dynamsoft Support Team is always ready to help.

In some cases, we realize that some customers may require more advanced support from Dynamsoft and that’s why we also provide a paid professional service. We offer two types of this paid professional service, applicable to different scenarios.

Virtual Developer Service

Although most of our customers have their own development teams (some are developers themselves) and can build their applications with the help of Dynamic Web TWAIN documentation and guides, there are still some customers who come to us for ready-made solutions. In other words, they would rather get a sample application that already has the required features than study the details of the SDK itself. In view of this, Dynamsoft provides a professional service called “Virtual Developer Service” (VDS). The idea is that Dynamsoft designates a team to help with the integration of Dynamic Web TWAIN into customers’ applications, from requirements analysis to successful deployment.

The following is how VDS works

  • Step 1: The customer sends over their requirements and other materials if required
  • Step 2: Dynamsoft analyzes the requirements and decide whether Dynamic Web TWAIN meets them

This step usually involves communicating back and forth until the requirements are clear enough and you can decide whether to proceed.

  • Step 3: Dynamsoft sends a quotation for the service as well as a quotation for the required licenses
  • Step 4: The customer makes the payment
  • Step 5: Dynamsoft designates a team to the project. The team usually consists of a case manager, a developer and a tester
  • Step 6: The designated team finishes the project before the agreed deadline and continues to maintain it during the agreed maintenance period

Customization Service

Dynamsoft provides many public samples and code snippets free of cost to all customers. The code in these materials can be customized at will. However, the resources files provided with each SDK should not be changed unless otherwise mentioned in this documentation. If you want to make unmentioned changes to any of these files in the documentation, you must first consult Dynamsoft Support to learn whether or not it can be done and if so, what that would entail from our end. If it involves a considerable amount of extra effort from the Dynamsoft team, the “Customization Service” (CS) may apply.

The difference between VDS and CS is that the latter involves changes to the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK itself and is considered much more complicated from a technical standpoint. However, in term of the customer’s workflow to get a customization job done, the steps are the same as VDS.

If you are interested in this type of professional service, please contact Dynamsoft Support.

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