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Hosted Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Style Version Control
SourceAnywhere Hosted -  Hosted Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Style Version Control
The Hosted Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Alternative


  • Slick yet Powerful
    Delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service), SourceAnywhere Hosted provides you the following benefits:
    • Simplify your IT infrastructure.
    • Lower your total cost of ownership and increase your cost predictability.
    • Improve the productivity of your development team.
    • Help your team focus on what you do best - developing your leading applications.
  • Security
    Your data is hosted in an N+1 redundant data center. And with the following security features, your code is in good hands:
    • Provide 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your data.
    • Sophisticated password policy.
    • Database encryption.
    • SQL Server is used to ensure your data integrity.
    • Maintenance and backup services from Dynamsoft.
    White Paper: Secure your source code
  • High performance
    SourceAnywhere Hosted provides sophisticated caching mechanism on the server side to reduce the server response time. Furthermore, if you have more than 1 user in the same office, Cache Server can be used to further improve the performance.
  • Advanced version control features
    • Cross Platform Linux Windows Mac
    • IDE integration: The hosting version control system fully integrates with Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver (Windows) and more. Visual Studio Eclipse Dreamweaver
    • Build automation CruiseControl.NET Ant
    • Web Deploy: You can deploy your websites to your local folders or FTP sites.
    • Email Notification: Send notification emails to preconfigured users when performing certain source control operations, such as check-in, add, label, etc.
    • Shelve/Unshelve Pending Checkins.
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  • Disaster recovery mechanism
    • Your data will be hosted in a world-class data center - Primus Data Center. It is SAS70 and CICA5970 certified.
    • All the data is stored on RAID ADG array and backed up onsite every 20 minutes.
    • All your data is backed up offsite to a separate data center several hundred miles away every day.
    • You are able to download the backup of your database regularly via Web Portal. The backup can be hosted in SourceAnywhere Standalone, on-premise edition of SourceAnywhere Hosted, to serve as the database.

SourceAnywhere Hosted is trusted by many world-wide respected companies.

“I would receive source control issues from our development team each and every week. My frustration level was extremely high. Since our team started using SourceAnywhere Hosted, I no longer hear these complaints. When I asked our developers their thoughts on the product, their feedback was overwhelmingly and uniformly positive.”

Steve Hall
U.S. Regional Director,
Adea International
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