Edition Comparison

The differences between Standard Edition and Professional Edition:

 Features Standard Edition Professional Edition
 File Transfer
Delta Transfer
 Intelligent File Change Detection
Multi-thread File Transfer
128 Blowfish Encryption
128 SSL Encryption
Built-in SSL Certification Authority (CA)
 Password Policy
No Need to Expose Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Database Folder
Distributed Development    
Client/Server Architecture
Cache Server
Time Zone Offset Management
 IDE Integration
 Eclipse Plug-in
 Macromedia Studio
 Visual Studio 6.0
Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012
 Borland Delphi 8.0
 MSSCCI Support
 IBM Rational Rapid Developer 2003
 Build Automation    
Ant Plug-in
CruiseControl.NET Plug-in
 Cross Platform
Mac OS X
Other Platforms where Java Virtual Machine runs
 Command Line Client    
 Windows Command Line
 Java Command Line
 Software Development Kit (SDK)
Java SDK
 HTTP Proxy
 Socks4 Proxy
 Socks5 Proxy
 Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Operations
 Add Files
 Check Out/Check In
 Create Project
 Cloak Project
 Deploy Web Project
 Get Latest Version
 Get Previous Version in a Project
 Refresh File List
 Refresh Project Tree
 Set Working Folder
 Show File Difference
 Show Project Difference
 Show History
 Show Properties
 Status Search
 Stop Current Operation
Undo Check Out

 Wildcard Search

Server Manager
 Multiple Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Database Connections
 File Type Exclusion
 Web Project