More than 75% of IT budgets are spent just maintaining and running existing systems and software infrastructure.
~ Gartner
 The initial [software] purchase is usually only 5% of the total cost of owning and maintaining a program.
~ Microsoft in The Wall Street Journal

After you choose a version control tool, being fond of its robust feature set, neat user friendly design, and fantastic IDE integrations, you may still have one last question in your mind: shall we choose a hosting service?

Especially in this technology fast-growing world, it seems everyone around you is talking about the cloud. Is it safe to turn your treasure source code and documents to a third-party company? Is a cloud service really cheaper than an in-house version control tool?

In this page, we'll try to cover all the points you doubted about and hope the info will help you make the decision.

1. Cost Comparison

SourceAnywhere Hosted

First of all, let's see how much you'll pay for an in-house SourceAnywhere version control solution, from purchasing facilities, software setup, training, to database maintenance, backup, and etc.

License Fee: $299 per user
Windows Server® 2008 R2, Standard (Inc CALs): $1,050.00
Hardware: $5320.00
Professional Admin: $77,000.00
Training, plus more

You can calculate the total fee of launching standalone SourceAnywhere by yourself. It’s not a small one. 
How much does a hosting service cost? Dynamsoft provides several hosting plans.

Team Enterprise
$14 / user / Month
$140 / user / Year
$28 / user / Month
$280 / user / Year

The above price includes software setup, training, customer service, database backup/maintenance, and etc. If you were using Visual SourceSafe, we also provide database migration for you at a minimum fee.

SCM Anywhere Hosted

What's the more important benefit you can get from the service? – Free from all the tool things, and get focused on your main tasks. 

2. Security

One of the most popular questions for the cloud service is its security. Being in the hosting field for 5 years, Dynamsoft totally understands your concerns. Online and offline backups, focused monitoring, VeriSign's SSL Certificate, and etc. are provided to ensure the security. You'll also receive professional services from SAS70 and CICA5970 certified data center.

To learn more about the security, you can check out