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Explore the flexibe barcode reading settings to optimize for your specific usage scenario.


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Transform any camera-equipped devices into real-time, browser-based barcode and QR code scanners.


Detects the machine-readable zone of a passport, scans the text, and parses into human-readable data.




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C Language API Reference

Global Functions

Initialize and Destroy

Function Description
DBR_CreateInstance Create an instance of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.
DBR_DestroyInstance Destroy the instance of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.
DBR_GetInstance Gets an idle Dynamsoft Barcode Reader instance running on concurrent instance mode.
DBR_RecycleInstance Recycles a Dynamsoft Barcode Reader instance running on concurrent instance mode.

License Functions

Function Description
DBR_InitLicense Initializes license key and activate the SDK.
DBR_GetDeviceUUID Gets the device uuid used for license activating.
DBR_IsInstanceValid Gets whether the instance is valid when charging by concurrent instances count.
DBR_SetDeviceFriendlyName Sets a human-readable name that identifies the device.
DBR_SetLicenseCachePath Sets a directory path for saving the license cache.
DBR_SetMaxConcurrentInstanceCount Sets the max concurrent instance count used for current device and process.
DBR_GetIdleInstancesCount Deprecated
DBR_InitLicenseFromServer Deprecated
DBR_InitLicenseFromLicenseContent Deprecated
DBR_OutputLicenseToString Deprecated
DBR_OutputLicenseToStringPtr Deprecated
DBR_FreeLicenseString Deprecated
DBR_InitDLSConnectionParameters Deprecated
DBR_InitLicenseFromDLS Deprecated
DBR_InitLTSConnectionParameters Deprecated
DBR_InitLicenseFromLTS Deprecated

Decode Functions

Function Description
DBR_DecodeFile Decode barcodes from a specified image file.
DBR_DecodeFileInMemory Decode barcodes from an image file in memory.
DBR_DecodeBuffer Decode barcodes from raw buffer.
DBR_DecodeImageData Decode barcodes from source image defined as ImageData.
DBR_DecodeBase64String Decode barcodes from a base64 encoded string.
DBR_DecodeDIB Decode barcode from a handle of device-independent bitmap (DIB).
DBR_InitIntermediateResult Inits an intermediateResult struct with default values.
DBR_DecodeIntermediateResults Decodes barcode from intermediate results.

Basic Settings Functions

Function Description
DBR_SetModeArgument Set argument value for the specified mode parameter.
DBR_GetModeArgument Get argument value for the specified mode parameter.
DBR_GetRuntimeSettings Get current runtime settings.
DBR_UpdateRuntimeSettings Modify and update the current runtime settings.
DBR_ResetRuntimeSettings Reset runtime settings to default.

Advanced Settings Functions

Function Description
DBR_InitRuntimeSettingsWithFile Initialize runtime settings with the settings in a given JSON file.
DBR_InitRuntimeSettingsWithString Initialize runtime settings with the settings in a given JSON string.
DBR_AppendTplFileToRuntimeSettings Append a new template file to the current runtime settings.
DBR_AppendTplStringToRuntimeSettings Append a new template string to the current runtime settings.
DBR_GetParameterTemplateCount Get the count of the parameter templates.
DBR_GetParameterTemplateName Get the parameter template name by index.
DBR_OutputSettingsToFile Output runtime settings to a settings file (JSON file).
DBR_OutputSettingsToString Output runtime settings to a string.
DBR_OutputSettingsToStringPtr Output runtime settings to a string.
DBR_FreeSettingsString Free memory allocated for runtime settings string.

Result Functions

Function Description
DBR_GetAllTextResults Get all recognized barcode results.
DBR_FreeTextResults Free memory allocated for text results.
DBR_GetIntermediateResults Get intermediate results.
DBR_FreeIntermediateResults Free memory allocated for the intermediate results.

General Functions

Function Description
DBR_GetErrorString Get error message by error code.
DBR_GetVersion Get version information of SDK.
DBR_TransformCoordinates Transform the coordinates of a point based on the given transformation matrix.
DBR_FreeString Free memory allocated for string.

Video Functions


Function Description
DBR_StartFrameDecoding Decode barcodes from inner frame queue.
DBR_StartFrameDecodingEx Decode barcodes from inner frame queue.
DBR_AppendFrame Append a frame image buffer to the inner frame queue.
DBR_StopFrameDecoding Stop thread used for frame decoding.


Function Description
DBR_InitFrameDecodingParameters Initialize frame decoding parameter.


Function Description
DBR_SetErrorCallback Set callback function to process errors which is triggered when the library finishes decoding a frame.
DBR_SetTextResultCallback Set callback function to process text results which is triggered when the library finishes decoding a frame.
DBR_SetUniqueBarcodeCallback Set callback function to process text results which is triggered when the library finishes decoding a frame and finds unique barcodes.
DBR_SetIntermediateResultCallback Set callback function to process intermediate results which is triggered when the library finishes decoding a frame.

Status retrieval

Function Description
DBR_GetLengthOfFrameQueue Get length of current inner frame queue.


Struct Description
AztecDetails Stores the Aztec details.
Contour Stores the contour information.
DBRPoint Stores an x- and y-coordinate pair in two-dimensional space.
DataMatrixDetails Stores the DataMatrix details.
DM_DLSConnectionParameters Deprecated
DM_LTSConnectionParameters Deprecated
ExtendedResult Stores the extended result.
FrameDecodingParameters Defines a struct to configure the frame decoding Parameters.
FurtherModes Stores the FurtherModes.
ImageData Stores the image data.
IntermediateResult Stores the intermediate result.
IntermediateResultArray Stores the intermediate result array.
LineSegment Stores line segment data.
LocalizationResult Stores the localization result.
OneDCodeDetails Stores the OneD code details.
PDF417Details Stores the PDF417 details.
PublicRuntimeSettings Defines a struct to configure the barcode reading runtime settings.
QRCodeDetails Stores the QRCode details.
Quadrilateral Stores the quadrilateral.
RegionDefinition Stores the region information.
RegionOfInterest Stores the region of interest.
SamplingImageData Stores the sampling image data.
TextResult Stores the text result.
TextResultArray Stores the text result array.


Format Enumeration

Enumeration Description
BarcodeFormat Describes the barcode types in BarcodeFormat group 1.
BarcodeFormat_2 Describes the barcode types in BarcodeFormat group 2.

Parameter Mode Enumeration

Enumeration Description
BarcodeColourMode Describes the barcode colour mode.
BarcodeComplementMode Describes the barcode complement mode.
BinarizationMode Describes the binarization mode.
ColourClusteringMode Describes the colour clustering mode.
ColourConversionMode Describes the colour conversion mode.
ConflictMode Describes the conflict mode.
DeblurMode Describes the deblur mode.
DeformationResistingMode Describes the deformation resisting mode.
DPMCodeReadingMode Describes the DPM code reading mode.
GrayscaleTransformationMode Describes the grayscale transformation mode.
ImagePreprocessingMode Describes the image preprocessing mode.
LocalizationMode Describes the localization mode.
PDFReadingMode Describes the PDF reading mode.
RegionPredetectionMode Describes the region predetection mode.
ScaleUpMode Describes the scale up mode.
TerminatePhase Describes the terminate phase.
TextFilterMode Describes the text filter mode.
TextureDetectionMode Describes the texture detection mode.
Enumeration Description
IMResultDataType Describes the intermediate result data type.
IntermediateResultSavingMode Describes the intermediate result saving mode.
IntermediateResultType Describes the intermediate result type.
ResultCoordinateType Describes the result coordinate type.
ResultType Describes the extended result type.
TextResultOrderMode Describes the text result order mode.

Frame Decoding Enumeration

Enumeration Description
ClarityCalculationMethod Describes the clarity calculation method.
ClarityFilterMode Describes the clarity filter mode.

Other Enumeration

Enumeration Description
DM_ChargeWay Describes the charge way.
DM_DeploymentType Describes the deployment type.
DM_LicenseModule Describes Dynamsoft license modules.
DM_UUIDGenerationMethod Describes the UUID generation method.
ImagePixelFormat Describes the image pixel format.
QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevel Describes the QR Code error correction level.
Product Describes Dynamsoft products.

Error Code


Function Description
CB_Error Represents the function that will handle the error code returned by the SDK.
CB_IntermediateResult Represents the function that will handle the intermediate result array returned by the SDK.
CB_TextResult Represents the function that will handle the text result array returned by the SDK.

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