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PDFReadingMode is a parameter to control how to read barcodes from PDF files.

Candidate Mode List



Lets the library choose a mode automatically.


Detects barcode from vector data in PDF file.


Converts the PDF file to image(s) first, then detects barcode.

Setting Methods

As PublicRuntimeSettings Member

PDFReadingMode can be set dynamically during runtime as a member of PublicRuntimeSettings struct, it is one of the PDFReadingMode Enumeration items.

Code Snippet in C++

//...other codes
PublicRuntimeSettings* pSettings = new PublicRuntimeSettings;
int errorCode = reader->GetRuntimeSettings(pSettings);
pSettings->pdfReadingMode = PDFRM_VECTOR;
delete pSettings;
//...other codes

See Also

As JSON Parameter

PDFReadingMode as a JSON parameter is a string value defined as below.

Key Name Key Value
PDFReadingMode Any one in PDFReadingMode Enumeration as string

JSON Parameter Example

    "PDFReadingMode": "PDFRM_VECTOR" 

Impacts on Performance


Setting PDFReadingMode to PDFRM_VECTOR or PDFRM_RASTER when barcode type (image or vector) in PDF file is certain may speed up the process.

Read Rate

Setting PDFReadingMode to PDFRM_AUTO when barcode type (image or vector) in PDF file is uncertain may improve the Read Rate.


PDFReadingMode has no influence on the Accuracy.

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