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Attribute Type
barcodeFormatIds number | EnumBarcodeFormat
barcodeFormatIds_2 number | EnumBarcodeFormat_2
expectedBarcodesCount number
deblurLevel number
scaleDownThreshold number
localizationModes number | EnumLocalizationMode
binarizationModes number | EnumResultCoordinateType
region Region
minBarcodeTextLength number
minResultConfidence number
resultCoordinateType number | EnumResultCoordinateType
intermediateResultTypes number | EnumIntermediateResultType
intermediateResultSavingMode number | EnumIntermediateResultSavingMode
deblurModes number | EnumDeblurMode
scaleUpModes number | EnumScaleUpMode
timeout number
furtherModes FurtherModes


Sets the formats of the barcode in BarcodeFormat group 1 to be read. Barcode formats in BarcodeFormat group 1 can be combined.

Value Range A combined value of the EnumBarcodeFormat items.

Default Value BF_ALL

Remarks If the barcode type(s) are certain, specifying the barcode type(s) to be read will speed up the recognition process. If you are looking to set a barcode format that is included in the second group, please refer to barcodeFormatIds_2.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.barcodeFormatIds = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_ONED | Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_QR_CODE;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the formats of the barcode in BarcodeFormat group 2 to be read. Barcode formats in BarcodeFormat group 1 can be combined.

Value Range A combined value of the EnumBarcodeFormat_2 items.

Default Value BF2_NULL

Remarks If the barcode type(s) are certain, specifying the barcode type(s) to be read will speed up the recognition process.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.barcodeFormatIds_2 = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumBarcodeFormat_2.BF2_POSTALCODE | Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumBarcodeFormat_2.BF2_POSTNET;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the number of barcodes expected to be detected for each image.

Value Range [0, 0x7fffffff]

Default Value 1

Remarks The following explains the value:

  • 0: means Unknown and it will return the result of the first successful localization mode attempt.
  • 1: try to find one barcode. If one barcode is found, the library will stop the localization process and perform barcode decoding.
  • n: try to find n barcodes. If the library only finds m (m < n) barcode, it will try different algorithms till n barcodes are found or all algorithms are tried.
let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.expectedBarcodesCount = 3;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the degree of blurriness of the barcode.

Value Range [0, 9]

Default Value 0

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.deblurLevel = 9;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the threshold used to determine if an image will be shrunk during the localization process.

Value Range [512, 0x7fffffff]

Default Value 2300

Remarks If the shortest edge size is larger than the given threshold value, the library will calculate the required height and width of the barcode image and shrink the image to that size before localization. Otherwise, the library will perform barcode localization on the original image.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.scaleDownThreshold = 1000;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the mode and priority for localization algorithms.

Value Range: Please see EnumLocalizationMode to learn of the different localization types.


Remarks To learn more of the purpose of localization in the algorithm, please refer to this Algorithm Overview page.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.localizationModes = [Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumLocalizationMode
.LM_CONNECTED_BLOCKS, Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumLocalizationMode.LM_SCAN_DIRECTLY, Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumLocalizationMode.LM_LINES, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0];
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the mode and priority between the different algorithms of the binarization process.

Value Range Please see EnumBinarizationMode


Remarks To learn more of where binarization stands in our algorithm, please refer to this Algorithm Overview page.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.binarizationModes[0] = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the Region including the regionTop, regionLeft, regionRight, regionBottom and regionMeasuredByPercentage. To learn more about how the region parameters work, please refer to the Region section of the Parameters Template

// Use a region positioned at the centre with 50% width and 50% height of the frame
let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.region.regionLeft = 25;
runtimeSettings.region.regionTop = 25;
runtimeSettings.region.regionRight = 75;
runtimeSettings.region.regionBottom = 75;
runtimeSettings.region.regionMeasuredByPercentage = true;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);

Experimental feature:

When using the BarcodeScanner class, region can be an array. For example region = [r0, r1, r2], 0th frame use r0, 1st use r1, 2nd use r2, 3rd use r0, and then loop like this.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.region = [
  null, // full image
  {regionLeft:25,regionTop:25,regionRight:75,regionBottom:75,regionMeasuredByPercentage:true}, // center 50% 
  {regionLeft:5,regionTop:45,regionRight:95,regionBottom:55,regionMeasuredByPercentage:true}, // width 90%, height 10% 
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the minimum barcode text length that the SDK will detect. If a barcode’s text is shorter than this value, the SDK will reject that result. A value of 0 means there is no limitation on the barcode text length.

Value Range [0, 0x7fffffff]

Default Value 0

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.minBarcodeTextLength = 6; // reject barcode results shorter than 6 characters
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the minimum confidence of the barcode result that the SDK will accept. If a barcode result’s confidence is lower than this value, the result is rejected. A value of 0 means there is no limitation on the result confidence.

Value Range [0, 0x7fffffff]

Default Value 30

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.minResultConfidence = 30; // reject any barcodes that have a confidence lower than 30
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Determines what the format for the result coordinates is. The default coordinate type is a pixel format.

Value Range Please see EnumResultCoordinateType

Default Value EnumResultCoordinateType.RCT_PIXEL

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.resultCoordinateType = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumResultCoordinateType.RCT_PERCENTAGE; // report coordinates in percentage rather than pixel
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets which types of intermediate result to be kept for further reference.

Value Range A combined value of the EnumIntermediateResultType items.

Default Value IRT_NO_RESULT

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.intermediateResultTypes = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumIntermediateResultType.IRT_ORIGINAL_IMAGE;
// or if you would like to combine values to obtain multiple intermediate result types
runtimeSettings.intermediateResultTypes = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumIntermediateResultType.IRT_ORIGINAL_IMAGE | Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumIntermediateResultType.IRT_BINARIZED_IMAGE;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Determines how the intermediate results (if being collected) are saved.

Value Range A specifed value from the EnumIntermediateResultSavingMode items.

Default Value IRSM_MEMORY

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.intermediateResultSavingMode = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumIntermediateResultSavingMode.IRSM_FILESYSTEM;
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the mode and priority for deblurring and is the evolution of the deblurLevel parameter.

Value Range Please see the EnumDeblurMode items.


Remarks The array index represents the priority of the mode. The smaller the index, the higher the priority. The deblurModes parameter should be used as the deblurLevel parameter will be deprecated in a future version.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.deblurModes[0] = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumDeblurMode.DM_GRAY_EQUALIZATION; // sets the highest priority item to Gray Equalization
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the mode and priority to control the sampling scale-up methods for linear (1D) barcodes with small module sizes.

Value Range Please see the EnumScaleUpMode items.


Remarks Please note that this only applies to 1D barcodes.

let runtimeSettings = await reader.getRuntimeSettings();
runtimeSettings.scaleUpModes[0] = Dynamsoft.DBR.EnumScaleUpMode.SUM_LINEAR_INTERPOLATION; // sets the highest priority item to Linear Interpolation
await reader.updateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings);


Sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that should be spent searching for a barcode per page. It does not include the time taken to load/decode an image (TIFF, PNG, etc) from disk into memory.

Value Range [0, 0x7fffffff]

Default Value 10000

Remarks If you want to stop reading barcodes after a certain period of time, you can use this parameter to set a timeout.


The FurtherModes interface offers a more advanced set of runtime settings that can potentially improve performance. To understand the full extent of the further modes, please check out the FurtherModes interface page.

Some more advanced parameters are not listed. See C++ PublicRuntimeSettings for more info.

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