How to run Dynamsoft Document Imaging Plugins in Chrome

Chrome has gained over 60% of market share worldwide. So, how to enable interaction with document scanners in Chrome?

Dynamic Web TWAIN can work as a browser plugin that allows users to scan images and documents directly from a web browser. The plugin uses JavaScript APIs to access the computer’s camera or scanner. With the plugin, users can scan documents directly from their browser without having to download and install separate scanning software. This makes it easier for users to scan and upload documents into a web-based system.

Download Dynamsoft Web TWAIN Browser Plugin

for Developers

If you are a software developer, we recommend that you install the development kit.

Download 30-Day Trial SDK >

for End Users

The installers are for end-users. Upon successful installation, please navigate to our Web TWAIN online demo page or your own custom Web TWAIN embedded web application to initiate scanner actions. It is important to note that the packages will operate in the background, and as such, will not be displayed visually.

Browser Platform Dynamsoft Web TWAIN End-User Package
Windows Dynamsoft-Service-Setup.msi
Linux Dynamsoft-Service-Setup.deb
macOS Dynamsoft-Service-Setup.pkg
Android Dynamsoft-Service-Setup.apk

Scan Documents in Chrome v45 and above

In response to the phase-out of NPAPI, Dynamic Web TWAIN introduced a Service edition in version 9.3, released on 06/10/2014, to enable TWAIN scanning in post-NPAPI Chrome.

Over the past years, the Service edition has been optimized for better stability and more functionalities. It now plays the key role in Dynamic Web TWAIN’s scanning module.

Although Dynamic Web TWAIN can supposedly work in Chrome v45 and above, version 80 is recommended.

See it in action: Online Demo of Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamsoft’s NPAPI Plugin Legacy

In Chrome version 45 released 2015-09-01, support for NPAPI plugins is permanently disabled.

Dynamic Web TWAIN has been on the market over a decade. Its legacy releases provided an NPAPI Plugin for accessing document scanners in Chrome v32 to v44. If you would like to get access to the legacy releases, please contact for assistance.