How to run Dynamsoft Document Imaging Plugins in Chrome 32 or Later

Jan 27, 2014

As we know, Google announced that Chrome will be phasing out support for NPAPI plugin in 2014. Now if you are using Chrome 32 or later to visit a page with non-whitelisted plug-ins, you will see the prompt like below: Chrome prompt: Plugin needs your permission to run. To use Dynamsoft’s document imaging NPAPI Plugins (Dynamic Web TWAIN/ImageCapture Suite) in Chrome 32 or above on client side, please follow the steps below: 1. First please follow the installation steps to install the imaging plugin. 2. Please click “Always run on this site” for the prompt “ImageCapture Suite Plugin needs your permission to run”. Click This will put the website to the Plug-in exceptions list. And you will be able to use plug-ins on the site thereafter. chrome://settings/contentExceptions#plugins Plug-ins Exception List of Chrome 3. Refresh or restart Chrome and try the scan page using the plugin again. Meanwhile, our team is actively working on a WebSocket solution to support post-NPAPI chrome. Read this article for more details on our plan. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding NPAPI support of Chrome.

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