How to run Dynamsoft Document Imaging Plugins in Chrome 32 or Later

Nov 27, 2021

Chrome has gained over 60% of market share worldwide. So, how to enable interaction with document scanners in Chrome?

Scan Documents in Chrome v32 to v44 with Dynamsoft’s NPAPI Plugin

At the end of year 2013, Google announced that Chrome would be phasing out support for NPAPI plugin in 2014. In Chrome version 42 released 2015-04-14, support for NPAPI plugins is disabled by default. In version 45 released 2015-09-01, support for NPAPI plugins is permanently disabled.

If you are using Chrome 32 or later to visit a page with non-whitelisted plug-ins, you will see the prompt like below:

Chrome prompt: Plugin needs your permission to run.

Dynamic Web TWAIN has been on the market over a decade. Its legacy releases provided an NPAPI Plugin for accessing document scanners in Chrome v32 to v44. If you would like to get access to the legacy releases, please contact for assistance.

Scan Documents in Chrome v45 and above

In response to the phase-out of NPAPI, Dynamic Web TWAIN introduced a Service edition in version 9.3, released on 06/10/2014, to enable TWAIN scanning in post-NPAPI Chrome.

Over the past years, the Service edition has been optimized for better stability and more functionalities. It now plays the key role in Dynamic Web TWAIN’s scanning module.

Although Dynamic Web TWAIN can supposedly work in Chrome v45 and above, version 80 is recommended.

See it in action: Online Demo of Dynamic Web TWAIN

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