Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK Showcase – An Online Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

Fingerprint Recognition System Using Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

Came across a demonstration video of an online automated fingerprint identification system (OnlineAFIS), which uses Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, on Youtube. It looks pretty cool and we want to share with you.

OnlineAFIS is a web-based user-interface developed for capturing Live Scan and enrollment of Fingerprints. The web browser accesses the fingerprint sensor installed on client’s machine using Dynamic Web TWAIN, which is a browser-based TWAIN SDK compatible with all mainstream browsers on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If you are looking at interacting with TWAIN compatible fingerprint scanners from a web application, you can try Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK.

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Try Online Demo (scan and save images in ASP.NET)

If you need to access fingerprint scanners in an .NET Desktop application, please check out this article.


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