Scanner SDK for Web Applications

Mar 16, 2021

Compared to desktop applications, web-based applications integrated with a scanner SDK allow users to scan documents directly in the browser. This can include scanning from and scanning to remote locations. Web-based scanning SDK gives users better flexibility and convenience in document scanning.

The Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK is a browser-based document scanning SDK specifically designed for web applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop robust applications to scan documents from scanners or built-in mobile cameras in all common web browsers, edit the scanned images and save them to a local/server file system or document repository.

Being in the market for over 18 years, it has won the trust of many fortune 500 enterprises such as Lockheed Martin, IBM, Samsung, SIEMENS, McKesson and many more.

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Cross-Platform Scanner SDK: Mainstream Browsers and Platforms Covered

When it comes to a web-based document scanning solution, you do not want to limit your end users to a specific browser and OS. Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK supports all mainstream browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) on Windows, macOS, Linux and even Mobile!

The SDK works well on both desktop computing and microcontrollers. It offers the same user experience on x86, ARM and MIPS architecture.

High Speed and Large Volume Document Scanning & Uploading

Paper document digitalization is a common requirement in many industries, especially banking, financing, healthcare and government. The ability to support large volume document scanning and processing is essential! Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK supports scanning thousands of pages of document at a time! It even provides the ability to handle document uploading in the background without having to keep browsers open.

Build a Working Project in an hour!

Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, etc.) and 60+ sample projects are available to help all developers quickly create a customized project for proof of concept purpose.

Business Automation with Event APIs

Want to build an automatic workflow to include document scanning, processing (e.g. barcode reading or OCR) and saving via just one button click on your application? Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK provides many useful events to help you build the automation easily.

Security Matters

To ensure your data is safe, Dynamic Web TWAIN offers advanced security features such as:

  • Data encryption
  • Authorization required for accessing local files
  • All cached data will be deleted upon unexpected SDK closures
  • HTTPs uploading and downloading
  • Domain binding

Learn more about our security features throughout this PDF file

Bronze Stevie® Award for Sales and Customer Services

Dynamsoft continuously strives to provide excellent customer service in every step of the customer journey, from the very first contact of a pre-sales inquiry through to customer implementation of their solutions and ongoing maintenance support afterward. With three teams in North America and Asia, Dynamsoft provides nearly 24*5 business hours to customers all over the world.

Out-of-the-Box Image Editing and Upload

A built-in image viewer helps you easily rotate, crop, mirror, flip, erase and change the size of the scanned images.

Dynamic Web TWAIN provides upload and download methods via HTTP/HTTPS which allows you to upload and save images like BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF files to the server-side. Image compression and multi-thread are available to further shorten the image upload time.

Easy Integration

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a client-side component. You can use HTML and JavaScript to call all the methods/properties/events. So, it is easy and quick to integrate the web scanner SDK into your web application.


HTML5, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, VBScript, etc. 

Compatible with any JavaScript framework (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery).


Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, Apache, ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), PHP, JSP, ASP, Node.js and more.

Easy Deployment 

Dynamic Web TWAIN is compatible with any server-side stack, including Microsoft IIS (Internet information server), IBM Notes, Websphere, Apache, Tomcat on Windows, Linux, and other platforms. You can also deploy it in a cloud environment like Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Doc, etc.

Remote Scan

With Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can turn a PC or a mobile device into a remote scanner without any end-user device installations to scan from TWAIN, SANE, ICA, or eSCL scanners. If you want to integrate the remote control features, please refer to this guide on how to enable remote scans.

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