Introduction to Dynamsoft OCR SDK

May 31, 2020

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology used by computers to convert text in images into editable and searchable text data. It is implemented using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. OCR is widely used for document recovery, data entry, accessibility, and various business applications. It eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically categorizing and recording data from scanned or photographed documents.

Important features of an OCR interface include accurate recognition with font identification, flexible language support and trainability, support for many input file formats, extensive output and export options, and intuitive page control and settings. These features ensure OCR software is accurate, flexible, and user-friendly, ultimately saving time and money for businesses and individuals alike.

Dynamsoft OCR SDK

Dynamsoft Label Recognition SDK is a specialized text recognition Software Development Kit (SDK). It stands out from conventional OCR tools by being optimized for extracting field-value pairings from compact text blocks and interpreting alphanumeric characters and symbols.

The ability to designate target areas and specify multiple reference regions and text areas makes DLR highly customizable for different usage scenarios. Popular uses include price tags in supermarkets, inventory labels in warehouses, VINs on cars, vehicle license plates, and ID cards.

Customize for Different Usage Scenarios

Below are some possible OCR use cases.

Retail and Inventory Management:

Product Labels: Product name, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), barcode, price, manufacturing date, expiration date, etc.

Price Tags: Product name, price, discount, etc.

Inventory Forms: Product name, SKU, quantity, location, status (in-stock, out-of-stock), etc.

Supply Chain and Logistics:

Shipping Labels: Sender and receiver addresses, tracking number, weight, shipping method, etc.

Packing Lists: Item description, quantity, weight, etc.

Cargo Manifests: Cargo description, quantity, weight, destination, etc.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:

Patient Forms: Patient name, ID, date of birth, medical history, medications, etc.

Prescription Labels: Patient name, medication name, dosage, instructions, prescribing doctor, etc.

Medication Packaging: Medication name, dosage, instructions, expiration date, etc.

Manufacturing and Production:

Component Labels: Component name, part number, batch number, manufacturing date, etc.

Production Forms: Product name, batch number, quantity, production date, quality control results, etc.

Quality Control Documents: Product name, batch number, quality control results, approval status, etc.

Financial Services:

Forms: Applicant name, ID, address, financial details, application status, etc.

Applications: Applicant name, ID, address, requested amount, application status, etc.

Financial Documents: Account holder name, account number, transaction details, balance, etc.

Legal Documents: Client name, case number, court details, legal terms, etc.

Forms: Applicant name, ID, address, application details, application status, etc.

Official Documents: Name, ID, address, document details, approval status, etc.

Getting Started with Dynamsoft Label Recognition

Ready to revolutionize your data extraction process with Dynamsoft Label Recognition? Reach out to us to get started with integrating our flexible and customizable OCR SDK into your application.